VIDEO OF THE DAY: Vancouver Canucks Blitz San Jose Sharks

The beginning of the end......

It’s within touching distance now.

I really wanted to post the Manchester United trophy ceremony along with the emotional speeches by Sir Alex Ferguson and Edwin Van Der Sar, but the British FA are extremely sensitive with their footage being shown on mainstream video-hosting websites. Coincidentally when they cracked down on this Youtube started to decline in the awful mess of clutter as we know it today. Moving along now….

How ’bout them CANUCKS?!!!! One more win and they’ll host game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in their history. After a penalty-filled game 3 in which San Jose scored 3 power play goals, Vancouver wasted no time earning 5 penalties in a little over a full period; the penalty killing was sensational today and they held the Sharks to 0-5. Once they survived the onslaught and finally got some power plays of their own, Vancouver scored 3 times in 1:55, all on 5-on-3 advantages. Here’s all of them readily available for you to watch.

Ryan Kesler and Sami Salo (2x) made it 3-0 and they hung on for the 4-2 win in game 4 at the Shark Tank. The goals came roughly 10, 11, and 9 seconds respectively into each 5-on-3 opportunity. A marked improvement over that nonsense 5-on-3 wasted in the 2nd period of game 3 when they were behind 3-0.

One more win, folks.


Sound off.....

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