Tampa Bay Lightning @ Boston Bruins (Game 7) Live Blog

Hey, someone has to play Vancouver in the Stanley Cup Final. Check back at around 4:45 PM PT/7:45 PM ET for coverage of the deciding game in the NHL Eastern Conference Final.

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2 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Lightning @ Boston Bruins (Game 7) Live Blog

  1. Anonymous

    I have been a bruins fan since I was a teen. I have seen the teams try and fail because they did not believe that, as a individual, they were good enough to win..they were thinging about themselves…The truth is , do your job, do to your potential, just do your part,and that will make the difference..If everyone would do what they can do, they would win..That is why they call it a team..It was never one person that made a difference.. together they made it happen. There are some people that can to lift a team,and give a little more, but they can not do it alone,this is truly a team sport..That is why they call it a team.This is a good time to pay it foward to your team mates.. Unity ,no man can do it alone in a team sport..

  2. Pool Builders Tampa

    The staff here at Pools By Costanza love the Tampa Bay Lighting, as well as we totally agree with the comment above. It takes a team, as well as belief in a team to prosper, and that’s the way we work here. We do our job to the best of our ability, and that has paid dividends to both our customers, our community and us. Love the Tampa area.


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