The Vancouver Canucks Will Sweep the Boston Bruins

Using my usual flawless logic and reasoning, I predict the Vancouver Canucks will win their first ever Stanley Cup, sweeping the Boston Bruins in the process.

Just follow my thinking here, for a moment.


Def. Chicago Blackhawks in 7 games

Def. Nashville Predators in 6 games

Def. San Jose Sharks in 5 games


The only way to go is down and right now that means the brooms are coming out for the Bruins!!! And if we’re still interested in goofy math and number patterning, Boston will oblige.



Def. Montreal Canadiens in 7 games

Def. Philadelphia Flyers in 4 games

Def. Tampa Bay Lightning in 7 games


7-4-7…..4 it is! The Cup will be won in Boston.


It’s funny how this post-season started with both Alain Vigneault and Claude Julien on the hot seat for being pushed to a game 7 by inferior opposition. Both Vancouver and Boston conceded late 3rd period goals against Chicago and Montreal respectively before pulling off the overtime winners. Since then they’ve both looked impressive in their last two series and now here we are with the Stanley Cup on the line.

I just think that Vancouver’s offensive firepower will be too much for the Bruins to handle. Both Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo have been excellent and post identical GAA (2.29) in this year’s playoffs, but the Canucks have the aggression both on 5-on-5 and especially on the power play to make Boston’s defense wilt. I’m not worried about the penalty killing, as the Bruins have to be near 5-2000 on the power play. Their hesitancy to shot the puck (especially from their point men) without any adjustments tells me they’ll have to rely on their hard forechecking and Thomas to win this series.

I’m so excited and so on edge at the same time. Vancouver can totally make up for my miserable Seattle-based sports life with a Stanley Cup in their hands. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!


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