Dallas Mavericks 95 Miami Heat 93

That’ll do, Dallas. That’ll do. I said you would get a split in Miami and you did with another 4th quarter comeback. They turned an 88-73 deficit to a 95-93 win in Miami to tie this series up at 1-1.

Dirk Nowitzki scored the final 9 points after having a relatively poor game. I guess his torn tendon on his left (non-shooting hand) middle-finger felt all better.

The series is in Dallas’ hands and I have no doubt now that they’ll run Miami ragged. While LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (who both had great games) were jacking up stupid jumpshots down the stretch, and Chris Bosh lost the ball nearly every time he touched it, Dallas just chipped away at the lead and was way more aggressive. Dirk Nowitzki scored the winning lay-up by owning Bosh on a spin move and laying it softly off of the glass.

I don’t know how a team can blow a 20+ point lead against Portland, then promptly pull off 16, 15, and 15 point comebacks in three consecutive series. Just goes to show how Dallas (unnecessarily) makes games exciting.

I’ll get my Swami License in about a week when this thing is all over and Miami is wondering how they’ve lost a series they should’ve won comfortably.

FACT OF THE GAME: Miami had just 2 free throws during the final 6:20 of the contest. You know what would’ve been cool? An effective offensive center.


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