Dallas Mavericks Knot NBA Finals Up at 2-2

Dallas either purposefully waits until the 4th quarter to play basketball, or the Miami Heat are mentally incapable of handling losing big leads.

I said Dallas in 6, it will be Dallas in 6, and Dirk Nowitzki will celebrate a championship with a 140 degree fever.

Would anyone care to tell me why Mike Miller brain cramped and shot a terrible three-pointer with 3 seconds left when there was enough time to pass? Why is it when the Heat start to collapse James, Bosh, and Wade end up passing it to the likes of Mike Miller and Joel Anthony to miss contested jumpers?

The Mavericks are the deeper team and boy are they resilient. I love this series. Love it. And this is from someone who has been bored with the NBA lately.

FUN FACT: LeBron James was held to under 10 points for the first time since January 2007. This probably means he’ll score 45 next game.


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