The Stanley Cup Game 4 “How to Not Lose to Boston” Post

Aaron Rome and Nathan Horton won’t be playing for the rest of the Stanley Cup. Horton unfortunately was concussed by Rome in game 3 on an outrageously dirty hit. Rome was suspended for 4 games in the ultimate “Eye for an Eye” move by the NHL…….although the original “Eye for an Eye” based off of the Code of Hammurabi would suggest that Rome should also be concussed.

Either way, Keith Ballard is starting tonight. Finally. Seriously, this is what it took. His offensive pushes without getting caught out of position already makes him better than Rome. The keys for Vancouver tonight are simple:

1.) Alex Edler and Christian Ehrhoff need to quit pissing around from the point. Ehrhoff never hits the net and Edler normally has his shot blocked en route to an odd-man rush.

2.) Don’t take stupid penalties. Yes game 3 was an abomination but that doesn’t mean you retaliate beyond the rules. As bad as Boston is on the power play (even though they’ve scored more this series than Vancouver), penalties disrupt the flow of the game.

3.) Crash Tim Thomas’ net. With the way Timmy Thomas aggressively comes 15 feet out of his goal they should just offer up a blitzkrieg of shots and hope to bury home the rebound.


The live blog is here, and boy oh boy am I going to be sweating bullets.


Sound off.....

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