Surveying the Aftermath

It’s been two days since the Stanley Cup went to the Boston Bruins and here I am trying to muster up some words to explain what exactly happened. I’m not going to really discuss the monstrosity that occurred in Downtown Vancouver as it’s been discussed to death. No matter what people will say, the image of Canucks fans, the organization, and the people of Vancouver will all be severely tarnished. It’s an incredible tragedy all over a hockey game.

I congratulate the Boston Bruins for winning their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. They were the better team in this series and it showed in the goal total. Their power play was still poor but better than Vancouver’s — which says little given their disastrous series on the PP — but their penalty killing was aggressive and it led to 3 shorthanded goals. Tim Thomas managed to concede just 8 goals (1.14 GAA) en route to a deserved Conn Smythe Trophy. He was sensational and outplayed Roberto Luongo.

Onto the Canucks. It was a wonderful ride, I enjoyed almost every minute of it, but you cannot win the Stanley Cup when:

  • You get outscored 17-3 on the road. Every game when Boston scored first the Canucks folded and next thing you know Luongo’s goal was deluged. This is not blaming Luongo (he should not be a scapegoat), but the entire team just wilted when they fell behind in Boston. And what’s alarming is they got off to good starts in all of their road games yet never got the crucial goal.
  • Christian Ehrhoff is on the ice. Ehrhoff is an unrestricted free agent and as far as I’m concerned he’s unemployed. He’s absolutely terrible from the point and pretty much never shoots on net. Another pet peeve of mine is his constant puck bobbling along the blue line which causes Vancouver’s attack on the PP to re-set. When he isn’t firing wide all the time he fails to hold the line time and time again. Occasionally he’s caught flat-footed on defense and it’s no surprise he was Vancouver’s worst defenseman in the playoffs with a -13 rating. Goodbye, Errorhoff.
  • The injuries catch up to you. Dan Hamhuis, Mikael Samuelsson, Mason Raymond, and Manny Malhotra all missing playoff time was just too much for this Canucks team. As great as they were prior to game 1 of the SCF, the likes of Aaron Rome, Tanner Glass, Jannik Hansen, and Keith Ballard were clearly out of their depth against the Bruins.
  • The top 2 lines disappear. Daniel and Henrik Sedin each with just 1 goal, 0 points, a -5 rating for Alex Burrows after his winning OT goal in game 2, Ryan Kesler with 1 point and a -7 for the series, it all fell apart for the top half of Vancouver’s lineup. They didn’t show up and actually the 3rd line of Raffi Torres, Jannik Hansen, and Maxim Lapierre was responsible for 4 of the Canucks’ 8 goals in the SCF. Not good enough.
  • Your goaltender becomes a sieve. Coming into game 1, Roberto Luongo had an identical GAA with Tim Thomas in the playoffs. Obviously things changed after game 4 in Boston and he was pulled twice in the series and four times overall in the post-season. I will not really put much “blame” on Luongo for game 7 as others would but games 4 and 6 really show why people are not convinced of his abilities even when he manages great shutouts like in games 1 and 5. I think Luongo tends to get rattled when scored on early and it definitely showed in game 6. Unfortunately for Luongo, the offense was so bad that he would’ve had to have performed as well as if not better than Tim Thomas at the other end for Vancouver to remain competitive in any of their defeats.
  • You can’t score on the power play. Boston had more goals on Vancouver’s power plays than Vancouver themselves. The #1 power play statistically in the regular season just vanished right before our eyes.


There will be a lot to ponder over the offseason and hopefully Vancouver will remain a strong favorite to win it all next year. They had a tremendous season but it still hurts to get blown out at home and unable to finally end the Stanley Cup curse.

GO CANUCKS GO and let’s win it all next year.


10 thoughts on “Surveying the Aftermath

  1. Mark

    Ha. As if it will leave a blemish. Montreal blemished? Did LA not riot when the Kobe won the title for Lakers?How sensationalized of a comment can you make? Guess what? Just under 10,000 people went downtown the day after and volunteered to cleaned up. That is not a blemish..that is pride in a city to help clean where a handful of idiots (as is always the case) decided to riot. Not as good reading though I guess.

    Way to bandwagon. Very few of the idiots rioting were Canucks fans.

    And a curse? Damn need Fabio on the cover of this. I’ve been a Nuck fan since the 70’s and I do not see it as a curse. It is a tuff cup to win and as long as we keep puttin a solid team on the ice, we will win it eventually. But to dramatize it as a curse..well..I guess you need peeps to read this…blog.

    BUT – outside of your artistic license, I agree with your points. Try staying with the facts and it will be a better read. Leave the “Harlequin Romance” comments out, and I’ll revisit.

  2. Mookie

    ARGH! I clicked the wrong button and it erased what I was replying to. Let me remember this as well as I can….

    Yes but everyone knows LA sucks — I say jokingly. Montreal has a reputation for rioting. I never even said that the majority of rioted were Canucks fans but it’s going to be hard to convince everyone given what the event was about. Heck when I did Wednesday’s live blogs I was praising Vancouver’s fans at Rogers Arena for remaining classy in defeat. The people outside were the problem.

    Meh the curse thing admittedly was to dramatize it. But it sucks to lose a game in that circumstance given everything they accomplished. Now the fact that I’ve never experienced a league championship for any team in N. America in over a decade? Curse.

    Come back uh…..some time in the fall. Always good to have the “not normal” commenters stop by without being trollish.

  3. SCOTT

    1) luongo should take the fall, not just cause of his imploding in games 6 and 7, but because his stupid attempts to play mind games with tim thomas psyched himself out instead. he proved himself to be an insecure, selifh player who felt the need to play himself up when he would end up giving up as many goals in game 3 as thomas did the entire series.
    2) the sedin sisters should take the fall offensively. they talked and ran there mouths in the media (not to mention the disgusting ‘vegeteraian’ reference to burroughs during game 2). well i will give them credit. they talked a hell of a lot more then they scored. kessler didnt do squat either or then setting up torrres game winning goal in game one………but his problems were caused more by thomas stoppping him.

    1. Justin F.

      I was going to leave Mookie’s reflection on Vancouver alone…….but that was until I read this.

      a). What proof do you have that Luongo psyched himself out? If you are going to make accusations like that, make sure they are grounded in some evidence.
      b). As far as your point about goaltending, Roberto Luongo gave up 23 goals in the Stanley Cup Finals. In the Eastern Conference Finals, Tim Thomas let in 21 goals. Now Tim Thomas had one of the greatest post-seasons any goalie has ever had (a .949 even strength save percentage in 25 games is absolutely ridiculous), but you cannot say that insecurity and selfishness of one player contributed to his goals when Thomas nearly gave up the same number of goals in the Tampa series. And yes, that .949 ESS% includes the Boston series. Timmy T. was really that darn good these playoffs. At the same time, Roberto Luongo was no slouch this post-season. He had a well above average .931 ESS% in this post-season.
      c). I encourage you to read these posts of mine. I think you will learn a lot from them.
      d). Lastly, “burroughs,” “kessler,” and “torrres”? Do tell, how have your first two weeks as a hockey fan been?

  4. SCOTT

    3) vancouver set up there own fall because of there arrogance, overconfidence and sense of entitlment. they didnt want to work hard to get what they wanted…..the cup. no. instead they dove, bit, cheapshotted hair pulled (just ask chicago) there way to a game 7 of the stanley cup finals. vancouver fans should be really proud. in the end what marchand did near the end of game 6 says it all……he wanted to go with sedin and sedin just stood there like a pansy and did nothing. i guess the canucks are only tough when they are blindsiding you.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Both of your comments are not intelligent enough to warrant a serious response.

      You’re either a classless Bruins fan who has to rub it in the faces of Vancouver fans or wish your team could’ve had the run Vancouver had.

  5. chriskreager

    Like with my Buffalo Bills way back when- Vancouver didn’t complete the journey, but their road itself was a great ride with moments that won’t be forgotten.

    1. Justin F.

      The Canucks are have put themselves in a good position to continue to compete at the top of the league and make runs at the Stanley Cup.


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