UFC 132 GIF OF THE NIGHT: Tito Ortiz Wins a Fight!!!

(An amazing finish after the jump)

Remember when Tito Ortiz was one of the best fighters on the planet and was dominating his weight class for several years? Then Chuck Liddell came along and a 2006 TKO of Ken Shamrock represented his last victory in his career. He had lost his last 3 fights and was winless in 5 heading into tonight’s fight against Ryan Bader. Just this February Bader was one win away from a title shot when Jon Jones derailed his plans. As a gigantic underdog, Ortiz provided arguably the biggest upset of 2011.

Yeah that happened. Tito Ortiz knocked a top 10 LHW down and choked him out in under 2 minutes. That’s his first finish against anyone not named Ken Shamrock since 2001. He wins the $75k submission of the night award and holds off the retirement talk for now.

For a completely dull time of year in sports (hence the paucity of posts lately) this card was fantastic. The main event between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber was a fantastic battle and Cruz defended his Bantamweight Championship. Chris Leben and Wanderlei Silva provided an exciting 27 seconds before Wanderlei was KTFO’d. Carlos Condit became the first man to stop Dong Hyun Kim and he did so with a vicious flying knee. There were more finishes but those were some of the highlights of UFC 132 tonight in Las Vegas.

But the story of the night has to go to Tito Ortiz. Whether you love him or hate him you have to admit tonight’s performance was the best he’s looked in ages and he took out very credible opposition in Ryan Bader.

This is probably the last post until after the holidays so I will go into lockout mode for another few days. In the mean time, enjoy your 4th of July!


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