GRAPHICS FAIL: ESPN Un-Retires Paul Scholes

Ashley Young wears #18 these days for Manchester United. Paul Scholes used to wear it during his time with the club. Scholes is retired, but don’t tell ESPN!

Amateur mistake from an amateurish broadcast.


2 thoughts on “GRAPHICS FAIL: ESPN Un-Retires Paul Scholes

  1. James Bray

    Off topic Mookie, but how crazy is TFC? You have a crowded midfield now with Dunfield, Frings, de Guzman and Tchani but hardly any competent defenders. It seems Winter is building from the midfield and forwards and doesn’t want to address the backline. The one good member of that defense (Nana Attakora) gets traded along with Gordon and Peterson to SJ for Ryan Johnson. Do they slide Eckersley inside? If so, who’s their right back (Gargan is not an acceptable answer)? Could it be Nate Sturgis (how terrible was that trade)? Surely they have to be looking at another player or two in the back, after all Ty Harden is not the answer.

    Also, are you going to make it to the Manchester United match against the Sounders on Wednesday?

    1. Mookie Post author

      I think this certainly means JDG is going to go. This is just a preposterously crowded midfield and it’s not going to work.

      Winter’s given up on the season and so have I. Time to work on the future even if I have a horrifying feeling it’s going to be bleak.

      Won’t be at the Sounders game. Not even sure I’ll be around to watch.


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