Non-Sports Related: A Few Words About CNN….

Covering actual news is hard, CNN and HLN know this well. So with that in mind, CNN’s HLN network has to stop stalking Casey Anthony and find something better to do, starting with reporting on actual news.

I actually saw this earlier in the week, HLN decided to run the headline “Casey Anthony Spotted in Orlando?” and then proceed to ask if it was an impostor. The verdict has been known for a couple of weeks. It’s over with. She’s not guilty according to the jury and murder is indeed a-okay in Florida. Let’s move on and not give this woman even more attention. You are a 24-hour news network so it’s not like she has been the only story of the month. There are other murders that have taken place in this country alone that should be receiving just as much attention as her.

Ditto goes for CNN, who seriously spent about an hour’s worth of their time on the absolutely SHOCKING death of Amy Winehouse, including a pointless interview with some rehab doctor, over the tragic mass-shooting and bombings in Norway. Instead of glorifying a severe alcoholic and drug addicted “celebrity”, there should be more in-depth reporting on current events like in Norway.

Both CNN and HLN are horrendous networks for anything news-related, and the recent Anthony/Winehouse stories are just a part of what makes them so terrible. My least favorite thing about HLN in particular is this newfound obsession with what the public thinks. New tax law introduced in a state you’re 3,000 miles away from? HLN will tell you to go to Facebook and Twitter and spout off your opinion of a story they’ve given about 2 minutes worth of reporting on. Personally, I don’t care what the public thinks of any given news piece. It’s irrelevant and it doesn’t enhance the quality of the reporting in any way, whatsoever.

And has anyone noticed how childish their anchors, sound? Your anchors suck when I cannot definitely tell the difference between the delivery-style of Entertainment Tonight and a global news source. I couldn’t care less about the daily pet story they run and neither should you. It’s taking away valuable time from other world events. Did you know there’s an official famine in Somalia? It’s true! But it’s gotten very little coverage (if any) in American news media and especially CNN. The only thing they’re concerned about is racial issues they made up in the hallways, producing documentaries like “Black in America” and “Latino in America”.

Another brilliant bit of journalism CNN/HLN does is, well, their total reduction in reporting the news and ramping up shows with talking heads. Nancy Grace, Joy Behar, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jack Cafferty, and the host of others should not be hogging the television screens spouting gunk (or in Grace’s case, assuming that 100% of the people she profiles are guilty) and providing nothing more than filler programming. It’s not substantive and unlike Around the Horn, the lack of a mute button makes the atmosphere hostile.

I’d planned to write this earlier in the week when I first saw the Anthony impostor headline, but I’m lazy and the sun is out. Journalism in America sucks, but CNN and HLN take the cake not with factual mistakes but childish and amateurish broadcasting. They’re the worst of the bunch when it comes to running useless pet stories, bizarre competitions in Great Britain, asking people for their thoughts on stories THEY should be reporting on in-depth, and general uselessness as a 24-hour news network.

At least with FOX News and MSNBC you know what you get from them (lots of nonsense), but CNN is so bad that they’re too stupid to possibly be biased towards any political party. They’re just terrible and it’s annoying.

Fix your mess, CNN. There’s a reason why you’re sinking in the television ratings.




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