VIDEO: Mario Balotelli’s Latest Blunder

Watch the failure after the jump.

Mario Balotelli is a talented striker but he is certainly a head case. He can’t put on a bib, he frequently makes frustration fouls and exudes anger and other emotions that make Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini a very unhappy man. Today in a friendly against the LA Galaxy, Balotelli (who scored Man City’s only goal on a penalty) had a chance to score in the 29th minute, and instead chose a fancy backheel attempt that would promptly get him benched.

Terrible stuff. When you have a reputation of not acting in the most mature manner, this isn’t the way to improve your standing with the manager, your teammates, or the fans.

He claimed he thought he was offside, but that still doesn’t excuse his reaction to being substituted. Oh well, as long as he keeps that up Manchester City will never win the Premier League title. And that is fine with this Manchester United fan.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mario Balotelli’s Latest Blunder

  1. jamesrussellcraven

    Geez, Mook. Knowing your love affair with ManU, I didn’t know if you were at Quest/CenturyTel Field this past Wednesday (7/20) to watch the massacre on the Sounders.

    1. Mookie Post author

      I was not, James. I also love money and wouldn’t want to waste it on a pointless friendly.

      Good to see you’re posting on your blog again. Sorry to read of the loss of your mother.


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