BREAKING NEWS: Matt Hasselbeck Will NOT Re-Sign With Seattle

Happier times.

All signs have pointed to this even before the lockout was in place way back in March, but now it’s confirmed. The 2011 Seattle Seahawks will be lead by a quarterback other than Matt Hasselbeck.

Today the Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neil has reported that Hasselbeck will not re-sign with the franchise he’s been with nearly his entire career.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will not re-sign with the Seahawks, The Seattle Times has learned.

Hasselbeck has been with the Seahawks that past 10 years. He is an unrestricted free agency, and NFL teams could begin negotiating with free agents on Tuesday morning at 7 a.m.

Early indications were that the Seahawks were one of Hasselbeck’s consideration along with Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee and Miami.

In the early afternoon, The Seattle Times learned the Seahawks were no longer a consideration.

O’Neil also mentioned in a chat on the ST website that Seattle had acquired a quarterback. Now other than the undrafted free agents, that means the Seahawks have made a trade. And if they made a trade, I guess that means they got either Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb. I’ll scream if it’s Orton but we’ll have to wait and see.

Matt, you are the best QB in franchise history, but this had to come sooner or later. You were the cornerstone of the Super Bowl run and you went out on a high note with two great playoff performances, including the stunning upset win over the New Orleans Saints. But the inconsistencies, health issues, and all-around disastrous QB play from 2008-2010 could not be ignored and there was no reason to justify gambling on another year of your services. Hopefully you finish your career outside of the NFC West and thank you for all of your time as a Seahawk.

I’m glad this happened given my stance on this version of Hasselbeck, now it’s time to build for the future and it starts immediately.

Much more to come. I missed you football.


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