Seahawks Re-sign Brandon ME! BANE!

This is a big big big signing. Seattle’s defensive tackle depth is not really good and Mebane can disrupt the pass and the run, whereas Colin Cole can help stop the run and look like a fool trying to force pressure through the middle.

The Seahawks needed to keep him and then they added former Cardinals DT Alan Branch as added depth. Branch is also versatile and can play DE so he could be a rotational player, as opposed to Mebane ruining lives as the monster DT that he is. His statistics may not be flashy but he does things that won’t show up on the stat sheet. When he breaks through the center and the guard and ends a running play before it begins, he won’t get credited with anything statistically unless he gets a tackle. Mebane is the key to Seattle’s first line of defense and I’m glad the Seahawks have enough cap rom to keep him for a 5 year, $25 million deal.

The only thing I can complain about in this free agency is the fact that Seattle didn’t go after a CB. Marcus Trufant is decliing and Kelly Jennings is a FA who should roam free and never play for Seattle again. Other than Richard Marshall it looks like the Seahawks won’t have an adequate DB and will rely on Trufant’s experience/gamble on his health and assume that the very young players like Walter Thurmond III rapidly mature into something decent.

Oh, here’s one more thing that makes Brandon Mebane awesome.


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