ESPN’s New MNF Deal to Include Wild Card Game

THIS GUY, Jon Gruden, will be calling Monday Night Football games in the National Football League for a long time. According to THIS GUY, James Andrew Miller, posted information on Twitter about ESPN’s new deal to air the primetime staple, and THIS GUY says it is gigantic.

Miller tweeted that the deal will likely run seven or eight years at a possible $1.7 billion per year, although the network would prefer to re-up for nine or ten years.

The seven or eight year agreement would include a wild card playoff game.

This means ESPN will pay four times more than the $4.4 billion NBC paid to televise four Olympic games in June.


I gotta tell ya this is a BIG. TIME. MOVE by ESPN. THIS DEAL will probably give them a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE wild card game, probably the 4:30 PM ET Saturday game on NBC. When Gruden coached the Oakland Raiders the Monday games were on ABC and they were the best at COVERING. THE. GAME, but ESPN look to be in it to win it. I like that in a winner. ESPN is a true WINNER and they bargain to win. That’s what I like in a network trying to cover the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE.


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