Non-Sports Related: Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Presley “Happy Birthday” on Anniversary of His Death

I’m going to tread water on this as technically this qualifies as politics. But on the basis that the blooper itself has nothing to do with politics, and I’m a sucker for bloopers, I’m going to post it. Michele Bachmann is trying to become the next President of the United States, and is currently campaigning in Iowa. Today she asked the crowd to say “Happy Birthday” to Elvis Presley. The problem? Today is the 34th anniversary of his death, his birthday is January 9th.

Fail. This tops the time she thought John Wayne was born in her hometown (it’s serial killer John Wayne Gacy). Personally, it still can’t live up to Howard Dean’s bizarre scream-a-thon during the ’04 campaign in terms of unexpected and extended hilarity, but this is definitely one of the better gaffes/blunders I’ve heard from a politician.

In the event this gets any comments, please behave yourself. I’m wielding my banhammer.


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