Trainwreck in Sight: 2011 SSR Fantasy Draft Live Blog

Eight teams, one winner (me), and it all starts in the 2011 SSR Fantasy Football Draft. Last year I had an impressive 8th out of 8 finish, meaning I pick first this season. We’re using Yahoo this time around but the draft will be done “offline” on Coveritlive and you can follow it right here. Fifteen rounds of action with fewer talking heads! It all starts at 6 PM PT (we hope).

The link is after the jump.

Click Here

Draft Order:

1.) Deep Checkdowns (Mookie)
2.) Redneck Tycoons (Phelan O’Neill)
3.) Fantasy Team (Justin F)
4.) Golden Grahams (Matt Thompson)
5.) Stockton’s Stumbles (Longley12)
6.) Al Bundy’s Shoes (Chriskreager)
7.) Plaxidental Shootings (Kt1000)
8.) Fan of Crabs and VD (49er16, defending champion)


Sound off.....

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