Ortis Deley – The British Version of “Boom Goes the Dynamite”? (UPDATE: Video Re-uploaded)

Ortis Deley is hosting Channel 4’s coverage of the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships in the United Kingdom. According to his Wikipedia page he’s a radio DJ, actor, host of a technology show, and was a part of some NBA coverage on Sky Sports. Well it appears that presenting coverage of a major sporting event is not his thing. In fact, he’s awful at it. After the jump, a brief montage of his horrendous blunders on live TV.

“Our commentators Rob Rawling and John….John Rawling and Rob Walker.”

“Oscar Pistorius is the fastest man on no legs.”

I think the “highlight” of this video is the “How the hell did he get this job?” stare that Michael Johnson gives towards Deley.

Michael Johnson thinks to himself "Has this guy ever been near a track?".

Sadly, unlike Usain Bolt, Deley doesn’t get disqualified and removed from the network and he gets to try to host this thing for another 8 full days.

Speaking of Usain Bolt, hopefully his false start in today’s 100m final forces the IAAF to get rid of that asinine “one and you’re out” rule. You want to watch attendance drop? Imagine if Bolt had gotten DQed in a semifinal or an opening round heat. I never liked this rule as it basically says you aren’t allowed to be human and jump the gun ever again in your career. This rule needs to be changed not because of Bolt but because it’s impractical. For most of the year it hasn’t really affected a big star in the sport but now that it’s gotten the world record holder they have to re-consider.


7 thoughts on “Ortis Deley – The British Version of “Boom Goes the Dynamite”? (UPDATE: Video Re-uploaded)

  1. Unknown

    You are a c*** and dont know what your talking about give him a f***ing chance!!! What kind of LOW LIFE would publish this!!!

    1. Mookie Post author

      It appears he’s been removed. Channel 4 gave him a chance and he still sucks.

      Classy post. Swearing + Personal attacks = Banned.

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