The Seattle Seahawks and Low Expectations

Rinse and repeat.

The preseason is over and today all NFL rosters will be trimmed to 53 players. I haven’t said much here about Seattle’s preseason. It hasn’t been good. The scoreline is meaningless but performance does matter. Not surprisingly, Tarvaris Jackson has been awful. He was awful in Minnesota and he has been a wreck in Seattle. Jackson is almost a carbon copy of Seneca Wallace but with more athletic ability. His play, among other things, is why I am bracing myself for an absolute trainwreck of a 2011 season.

You can have all of the offensive talent you want at skill positions, but when the offensive line isn’t performing well and the QB has no idea how to handle pressure, you’re gonna suck. The offensive line is Russell Okung and he’s officially an injury liability. James Carpenter is clearly struggling in his starting role at RT. Running the ball has been a problem for the Seahawks and if they can’t run, they can’t perform play-action because the defense doesn’t respect the run. No defense would ever respect Tarvaris Jackson as an NFL QB hence this offense is going to look foolish and awful. Charlie Whitehurst is so much better than Jackson it’s not even funny. But Pete Carroll brought in Jackson due to his familiarity with Darrell Bevell’s system, and unfortunately he’s not familiar enough with how poor of a QB he is. Jackson has been in the league almost 5 years and he has never thrown for 250 yards or more. And he has ten times the starts that Whitehurst has! Sickening.

We haven’t even gotten to the secondary, which is very young and very thin. Luckily Kelly Jennings has been shipped to Cincinnati for a stuffed teddy bear so that’s one liability taken care of. Otherwise, Marcus Trufant is the senior at the CB position and he’s clearly in decline. Walter Thurmond is in his 2nd year. Brandon Browner is a rookie. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are both in their 2nd years. I don’t see how this isn’t a disaster. Once again Gus Bradley’s defense is tailored to the run in a pass-first league. Basically if they cannot stop the run then this is a bottom five D guaranteed.

Chalk this up as a rebuilding year. Sidney Rice, Zach Miller, and Robert Gallery were not brought in to make a Super Bowl run right now. If they were then Pete Carroll is delusional. Clearly this is a stopgap season where they’re testing out the current QB roster and if they fail then Seattle has a top 10 draft pick and an inside track on Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley. In the unlikely event the Seahawks perform well with the talent they have then clearly that must mean they’ll have started Charlie Whitehurst.

I’m banking on a 5 win season. Quarterback job is Jackson’s and he’s not good enough. The offensive line is shaky and inexperienced. Defensively they’re inexperienced and just poorly coached. I’m still waiting for this team to defend a screen pass.

We can live off the remnants of 41-36 against New Orleans all we want, but Seahawks fans should braces themselves for a painful season. It will be worse than pulling teeth.


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