Floyd Mayweather Jr. Absolutely Did the Right Thing

I couldn’t let this slide by. Plus, the Seahawks might have killed off my enjoyment for football.

At first, I was completely shocked that Floyd Mayweather was getting far more criticism and scrutiny for KOing Victor Ortiz than Ortiz did for a DQ-worthy headbutt (if it had landed flush it would’ve been a certain DQ). Well what the hell was he supposed to do? Hug him back AGAIN?! Then I realized he’s the boxing version of Georges St. Pierre. He’s not the flashiest, most entertaining fighter in the world. His KO rate is not phenomenal and prior to last weekend I cannot remember the last time that Mayweather essentially knocked someone out with two punches or fewer. In fact his last finish prior to Saturday was four years ago when he dominated Ricky Hatton. Mayweather also frequently gets called a “coward” for supposedly ducking Manny Pacquiao because maybe Pacquiao could beat him and put an L on his record, much like only GSP is running away from Anderson Silva. But the fact of the matter is, he is one of the greatest boxers to ever live and he’s such a brilliant and smart fight strategist. If you want to hate him for his criminal problems, that’s fine. But don’t deny the man is a damn good boxer who’s comfortably won nearly all of his fights. He’s made guys like Mosley, Hatton, Gatti, Corrales, JuanMa Marquez, etc. all look like rank amateurs. I’ll never turn down a chance to see Floyd Mayweather dominate your favorite fighter.

Victor Ortiz deserved to get his lights shut off. For one, the punches were completely legal. I’m sure Mayweather got the “I’m sorry” part down the 50th or 51st time Ortiz did it after the fact. Joe Cortez clearly said “go” and the fight was properly continued as such. The fact that Ortiz didn’t get this and tried his umpteenth bro-hug is purely his fault. If you bitch about bro-hugs in MMA (RESPECT! HONOR! WARRIORS!) then you absolutely cannot bitch about what happened on Saturday. Ortiz’s dirty tactics were a direct result that he fired a crap ton of punches that either missed Floyd or were completely shaken off. He got frustrated that he was on his way to an inevitable TKO loss and tried something dirty out of anger. That to me is what people should be talking about. Of course, Mayweather is the bigger name and he got the KO.

What part of “protect yourself at all times” is so difficult to get? He shouldn’t have been bro-hugging mercilessly but instead should’ve returned to fighting. There was a similar incident involving Mayweather knocking down a defenseless opponent when Arturo Gatti complained to the referee about something in particular — and from what I recall it was inconsequential — then Mayweather legally dropped his ass and proceeded to wipe him out in what is the boxing equivalent of GSP vs. Fitch but with the addition of a TKO (corner stoppage).

I applaud Floyd Mayweather for knowing the rules, seeing the opening that Ortiz willingly and stupidly gave him, and cold-cocking Ortiz. For someone with a chin as shady as Victor’s, he is the last person on earth who should make a mental mistake like that. And let’s not forget that Floyd was blatantly rabbit-punched and groin-punched by Zab Judah so it’s not like this is a first-time offense of Mayweather being on the wrong-end of intentional illegal shots. Hmm….maybe Ortiz should fight Judah. After all, it’s two fighters who now have a history of bitching about perfectly legal punches, don’t have good chins, and mentally quit or resort to dirty tactics when things clearly aren’t going their way.

First written HERE.


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