UFC on Versus 6 – Main Card Live Blog

Free title fight. Let’s do this. This is the final Versus card with the FOX deal starting soon. All preliminary fights that make the broadcast will be “live blogged” too.

Mac Danzig vs. Matt Wiman

Round 1 – Rematch of a controversial UFC 115 fight. Wiman opening up his hands early. Danzig landing uppercuts in the clinch as Wiman counters with knees to the body. Danzig falls after Wiman catches his kick and Wiman takes Danzig down. Mac is up to his feet as Wiman tries to get him down again. Danzig tries a standing guillotine and gets out of it and now he’s peppering Wiman with shots. Nice standing elbow from Wiman. One-two from Mac and I have to say this is a fun round so far. Another standing elbow by WIman with 2 mins left on the clock. He’s landing it over and over again. Clinch again and Danzig goes to the body as Wiman replies with a knee to the body that may have hurt Danzig. He’s backing up. HARD body kick from Wiman. Danzig is bleeding from all the elbows. This is fantastic action. Danzig attacking that body well. So is Wiman with the knees. Ten ticks to go as Wiman shoots in for a single. Doesn’t get it. Round ends. What a round it was. 10-9 Wiman but I can see 10-9 Danzig

Round 2 – Wiman opens up with a leg kick. Lands another and fires a right that just misses. They tied up and Wiman lands another short elbow to the temple. Danzig lands an uppercut and they separate. Another big body shot by Wiman. These guys are going to have messed up livers. Danzig takes Wiman down and works from half guard. Advances to side control but Wiman gets it back to half-guard and now Mac works from full-guard. Wiman throwing up a triangle attempt or an armbar. Oh he’s stretching that arm out but Danzig gets out! Wiman going for a kimura with 1:45 left in the round. Danzig escapes and looks for some ground and pound but now they’re back to their feet. Danzig firing away shots to the head. What a fight. Wiman counters with a right hand. Hard right hand by Wiman. These guys are amazing. Final seconds approaching as both men land good strikes and this is a razor thin fight. 10-9 Danzig.

Round 3 – Mike Goldberg thinks a clear kick to the body was a head kick for Wiman. Idiot. Wiman continues to land those short elbows. And again and again. Danzig lands a quick combo and looks for a trip-takedown but can’t get it. Another great counter-shot by Danzig who looks much improved. This is epic. Elbows, knees, punches, everything! Wiman goes for a takedown, fails, and now ends up on the bottom with 2:30 left. Danzig has his back. Both hooks in. Wiman slips out and reverses!!! Two minutes left! He lands a few elbows from half-guard. Big ground and pound by Wiman! Danzig may be tired. He is swelling up facially. Wiman postures up with a minute to go. Danzig gets up but eats a knee to the body and some elbows. Grueling fight.  Danzig drops down for a guillotine! Oh man this is tight! He doesn’t tap and the fight ends. Fantastic battle. 10-9 Wiman and 29-28 Wiman overall on my scorecard.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Matt Wiman def. Mac Danzig via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman

Round 1 – I’ll be shocked if this goes the distance. Brenneman doesn’t commit to his takedowns early and now tries one and Rumble Johnson sprawls and stuffs. Hard body shots by Rumble and hammerfists. Brenneman looks helpless and Rumble lands a good knee to the body. And another! This is an ass kicking. He’s attacking the hell out of the body. Johnson inching closer to spinning to the back. He turns and now Johnson is in half-guard. Brenneman trying a guillotine but it’s not tight at all and it’s in half-guard anyway. And he’s out Brenneman is hurt AND A HUGE HEAD KICK ENDS IT! Probably a bad stoppage but Brenneman was clearly hurt and out of his depth.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Anthony Johnson def. Charlie Brenneman via TKO (head kick) at 2:49 of round 1.


Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve

Round 1 – 5’11 Barry vs. 6’11 Struve.  If Barry loses this he needs to be cut. Kick to the body by Struve. Early leg kick by HD Barry.  Not a lot of punches thrown so far. All very tentative and the crowd is starting to boo. They start to open up a little bit as Struve lunges in with a left but misses. Barry sizing up his jab. Struve lands a knee on the inside. Stefan keeping the distance with the kicks. He has long legs, believe it or not.  Does Struve ever throw jabs?  Good head kick by Struve. Barry tries some ridiculous flying knees and the round ends. 10-9 Struve

Round 2 – Struve firing away a lot of kicks to start the round. Barry tags Struve with a left uppercut. Stefan was hurt there. Barry throws a head kick partially blocked. Good leg kick by Barry and now a good combo. Struve replies with one of his own and a chopping leg kick.  Pat is really attacking Stefan’s left leg. Struve tries to get into a Muay Thai clinch and he gets out and starts circling. This is not a good fight. Struve is going for a standing choke. Now he goes to the ground and tries to complete the choke. Barry gets out and he tries to stand up but Struve has a triangle choke! It’s tight! He can attack the arm too. Barry slams Struve but he can’t slam out of the triangle! He goes for the arm too but Barry taps anyway. One of Struve’s best fights from a tactical standpoint.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Stefan Struve def. Pat Barry via submission (triangle choke) at 2:23 of round 2.


Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson (UFC Bantamweight Championship)

Round 1 – I hate Cruz’s awful boxing technique. Mighty Mouse Johnson the early aggressor. Good right hand by Johnson. Cruz with a good body kick. Johnson goes for the takedown and stuffed easily. Cruz with a nice trip-takedown and he winds up on top. Side control for Dominick. The champion is off to a great start and launches his knee to Johnson’s body. Johnson improves and scoots to butterfly guard and may try to wall walk his way back up but Cruz is just too strong.  And Demetrious gets it standing again. Johnson misses on the high kick and gets taken down and goes for a leg lock. Unsuccessful and Cruz immediately passes to side control and has his back but loses position! And Johnson gets the takedown but only for a moment as Cruz springs back up. Cruz eats a right and another right! Johnson goes for the takedown and as they separate lands a knee to the body. Head kick by Cruz blocked. Ten seconds left in the round. Good jab by Cruz. Round ends. Great start. 10-9 Cruz

Round 2 – I’m really impressed with Johnson’s speed here and it’s throwing Cruz off a little bit. Nonetheless Cruz gets him down against the cage. Johnson is slowly making his way back up. good knee by Cruz but Johnson reverses position and has the champion against the cage. Cruz’s takedown defense is so good. He shrugs Mighty Mouse up but they clinch. Johnson throws uppercuts but Cruz lands some knees to the body. Good leg kick by Johnson and he catches Cruz’s counter-kick. Johnson with a flying knee but no success. Cruz throws and lands a good body kick. Minute left in the round. Dominick avoiding the power shots by Johnson and now Mighty Mouse shoots but can’t complete it. Now Cruz gets Johnson down but he’s not landing anything. Round ends. 10-9 Johnson and 19-19 even.

Round 3 – Not a round-by-round for this one due to technical issues but a recap. Cruz had two tight choke attempts  in the 3rd round and twice Mighty Mouse escaped. However, Cruz still outwrestled Johnson and clearly won the round. 10-9 Cruz and 29-28 Cruz overall.

Round 4 – Two quick leg kicks by Johnson as we head into the championship rounds. Cruz way off on an uppercut. He’s definitely starting to slow down. He pops a good jab though. Lands a short right inside the body. Johnson gets taken down. Cruz working to advance position and gets full mount. Cruz’s ground and pound is useless though and Johnson manages to get back into full guard and now he’s up! Johnson pushing the pace and lands a body kick. Cruz is breathing hard now.  He gets another takedown into half-guard and Cruz throws some short elbows. Johnson pushes him off! Now he throws a good left and a kick! Round ends and I give it 10-9 to Cruz. 39-37 overall.

Round 5 – A bunch of kicks and punches were attempted in 10 seconds and I can’t describe all of it. HUGE SUPLEX BY CRUZ RIGHT INTO SIDE CONTROL! He trying to position himself for mount but winds up in guard and lands some shots from the top. Johnson tries to push him off but he might be spent. Johnson is back to his feet with just 2:20 left in a high-paced entertaining fight. Good uppercut by Johnson but Cruz countered with one too! Cruz with consecutive judo-style takedowns but Mighty Mouse just pops right back up.  Mighty Mouse has to land something meaningful. Johnson lunges forward but immediately gets taken down. Full mount and now he takes his back but lost both hooks and they’re back up! 15 seconds! Johnson got hit with something and he might have gotten hurt. Taken down again and the fight ends! 10-9 Cruz and 49-46 Cruz overall on my scorecard. Great fight.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Dominick Cruz def. Demetrious Johnson via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) to remain the UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Great night of fights and a great way to close out the Versus card. GIFs will be up tomorrow. Probably.

Good night everyone.


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