VIDEO OF THE DAY: Hank Williams’ Original “Are You Ready For Some Football?” Promo

You’ve probably already heard that Hank Williams Jr. isn’t going to be doing Monday Night Football songs anymore. He went on FOX News earlier in the week and the world was stunned to find out that this life-long Republican was not exactly too fond of Barack Obama. Between making some weird analogy about Obama playing golf with John Boehner being like “Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu”, and the statement that the current administration was “the enemy”, ESPN pulled him for good. Williams says he pretty much quit.

I completely disagree with Hank’s remarks, but I don’t agree with ESPN’s decision to yank him forever. Jemele Hill has a laundry list of controversial comments in…..I guess you could say “articles”, yet she’s only received suspensions. Heck, she ALSO made a Hitler comparison a couple of years back and never got punished. I guess you can’t expect ESPN to think things through, that’s how they lost Bruce Feldman.

Enough. This video is from 1989 and it is Hank’s original theme song for ABC’s Monday Night Football. It’s three-minutes long and was so popular that it’s been a staple of American sports viewing for over two decades. I’ll certainly miss this because I fully expect ESPN to do some stupid crap to make Faith Hill’s Sunday Night Football theme song seem like a contender for a Grammy award.

We’ll miss ya, Hank. Monday Night Football continues to be stripped of its original form. Have you looked at their schedule? Who’s up for Chargers @ Jaguars or Rams @ Seahawks? Thrilling.


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