GIF OF THE DAY: Chad Dawson’s MMA Takedown on Bernard Hopkins

,,,,Believe it or not, this was a boxing match, more specifically the WBC and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Championship. It ended in the 2nd round with title challenger Chad Dawson trying to ward off Bernard Hopkins from jumping into him. Dawson essentially grabbed Hopkins’ leg and shoved him to the ground. Hopkins falls, injures his shoulder, and the doctors declare he can’t continue. Referee Pat Russell says the fight is over and Dawson is inexplicably awarded a TKO for a clearly illegal and dirty move.

The California State Athletic Commission is reviewing this and there’s pretty much no way this isn’t overturned and is ruled a no-contest. It’s ironic that a dirty fighter like Hopkins gets jobbed by Dawson’s cruel tactics.

Between Mayweather vs. Ortiz and Dawson vs. Hopkins, fans probably aren’t too pleased they wasted $50 on both of these PPV cards with the way the main events ended.


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