BREAKING NEWS: Oakland Raiders Get Fleeced For….. Carson Palmer?

Al Davis may be dead, but Oakland’s draft-pick giveaway is alive and well. With Jason Campbell gone for a long long time, and Kyle Boller being too terrible to lead the Raiders to division contention, Oakland needed a quarterback. David Garrard wasn’t available for another year so it was pretty much down to Carson Palmer of the Bengals. You know Carson’s story and how he was locked in owner Mike Brown’s dungeon with no way out. Today, after months of saying that Carson Palmer would not be traded, he’s been traded. For as much crap Mikey gets for bad management and the fact that Cincy appears to be patterning 7-9s with 4-12s every year, he sure managed highway robbery today. Not one, but potentially TWO first-round picks for the services of one Mr. Palmer.

With Jason Campbell on the shelf for several weeks with a collarbone injury, the 4-2 Oakland Raiders pried a disgruntled Carson Palmer out of Cincinnati Tuesday, giving the Bengals a 2012 first-round draft pick and a conditional 2013 pick for the 31-year-old Palmer.

The 2013 selection could climb as high as the first round, as well, and will be based on how well Palmer performs in Oakland.

Palmer demanded a trade this offseason, threatening to retire if Cincinnati didn’t comply. When the Bengals refused to deal him, Palmer simply stayed away — he never formally retired but also did not join Cincinnati for the preseason or any portion of the regular season.

As late as Monday, Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis reiterated that the team would not trade Palmer.

“I can’t speak for the Raiders, but our organization is very firm in the statement that Carson is retired,” Lewis said on the NFL Network.

But with the Raiders desperate enough to throw at least one, and possibly two, first-round picks Cincinnati’s way, the Bengals finally budged. Making the whole result even better for the Bengals is that rookie Andy Dalton, the 35th-overall pick in the 2011 draft, has filled Palmer’s position admirably, guiding Cincinnati to a 4-2 start and second place in the AFC North.

The Raiders, meanwhile, had only backup Kyle Boller, who hasn’t started since 2009, and rookie Terrelle Pryor left at the QB spot.

Wow. I guess Philadelphia isn’t the only team in the league that can trade QBs for way higher than their actual value.  This is pure desperation from a solid team who played with fire by relying on Campbell’s health. Jason Campbell is broken at least once or twice a year so now they bring in Carson Palmer for possibly two first-round picks, with the conditional pick dependent on Palmer’s play.

If you’re keeping score, the 2012 Oakland Raiders do not have a draft pick until the FIFTH ROUND. Surely they can trade back into the higher rounds but you know that just means New England will get their first-rounders until 2021.

In principle, the trade makes sense for Oakland. They need an experienced QB and got their man along with his fairly hefty salary. On the other hand, if Palmer fails then once again the Raiders will be unable to build through the draft and improve on the talent they already have.

Palmer’s first game as a Raider will come at home against the 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Oakland Raiders Get Fleeced For….. Carson Palmer?

  1. Justin F.

    Their only relief will be the compensatory pick(s) they receive for Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, and Robert Galley.

    Unrelated to this, but congrats to TFC on advancing the CONCACAF Champions League today. I was hoping you guys would win tonight.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Yeah that’s about as much as they can celebrate as far as the draft.

      Why the heck did the Eagles re-trade for Jerome Harrison? Seriously I’ve never seen that happen.

      Very happy tonight. Arguably the best win in club history and that includes beating the crap out of the Columbus Crew.

      1. Justin F.

        In the last two games since Ronnie Brown’s ill-fated backward pass/fumble, he saw all of three snaps on the field. He fell out of favor, Detroit wanted him as insurance to Best, and they offered Jerome Harrison, who was not doing much over with the Lions but played respectably with the Eagles last season. That the Lions threw in a late round 2013 pick certainly sweetened the deal a bit for the Eagles in a trade that’s otherwise basically like for like. Strange, yes, that they would trade for Harrison, not re-sign him, then trade for him again, but it is a minor deal where the Eagles probably come out slightly on top, so I won’t complain about it.

        Best of luck in the CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals in March. You really have something to look forward to now when next season starts. ;-)


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