Non-Sports Related: Seattle Times Website Continues to Give Important News Top Billing

Sure the Iraq War is over, but Microsoft just posted a quarterly profit!

I know Seattle really focuses on events going around the city, but COME ON! The President of the United States just declared an end to a decade-old war and it can’t get the front headline? Heck, it doesn’t even make 3rd place! The pictured article is some story about how Microsoft’s Office product gave them a rise in quarterly profits. Obviously it’s still up there on the basis that they are going out of their way to find good news for Microsoft as Apple just calmly shoots up the sales table. What the article fails to mention is Microsoft’s stock declined about 9% in that same quarter.

Next up is the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. For those who don’t know, this double-decker bridge has been scheduled for replacement since 2001. The first phase starts tonight as the Viaduct closes for nine days, paralyzing this city in fear that they might have to find alternate routes to work. This has been known for weeks so there is no reason that “Viadoom” should be blown out of proportion.

I’ve checked the New York Times, CNN, LA Times, New York Daily News, and countless other news agencies and every single one of their websites has President Obama’s announcement no lower than 2nd on their top stories (Ghaddafi’s death otherwise also running concurrently). The Seattle Times treated this story like a freaking footnote.

Journalism at its finest from a city devoid of quality news. I dare anyone living outside of Seattle to sit through 10 minutes of any of their news broadcasts without wanting to shoot something.


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