VIDEO: Michigan State Beats Wisconsin on Hail Mary Touchdown

Okay. I admit it. After Washington’s debacle at Stanford my mood for college football soured. Well things can change when miracles like the one at East Lansing happen. After Wisconsin rallied from 31-17 down to tie the game at 31-31 against Michigan State, the Spartans drove down the field and were at the Badgers 44 with only a Hail Mary in their playbook. Kirk Cousins tossed up said prayer towards the end zone, it was deflected by a Wisconsin player into the hands of Keith Nichol at the 1, but officials ruled him short of the goal-line with no time on the clock.

Now I thought this was a touchdown on the replay and looking at it on the screenshot I’m convinced it’s a TD.

The picture isn’t the clearest but I’ve pointed out where the football is and it’s pretty clear that the ball crosses the front of the plane and the ruling on the field was overturned to a touchdown. Michigan State wins and Wisconsin is probably not going to the National Championship Game.

What a finish. Definitely one of the most bizarre finishes to a game you’ll ever see.


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