MLS Cup 2011 – Anyone But the Los Angeles Galaxy

Toronto FC isn’t in the MLS playoffs. Again. I’ve gotten used to it. So of course I’m forced to pick a team to root for to win the MLS Cup. Well this year I’m going to spread the love around instead of a Seattle Sounders cop-out answer. If you are in the playoffs and not named the Los Angeles Galaxy, you are my friend.

The two most annoying faces of MLS.

This year, the LA Galaxy are the enemy. In an effort to give them as easy a final as possible they’ve given their home ground — Home Depot Center in Carson, CA — the green light to host the MLS Cup Final when they did it a whopping three years ago. New York, Portland, Kansas City, and Chicago were all infinitely better choices than the home of Landycakes and David Beckham. Predictably, the Galaxy finished top of the league with 67 points and could essentially have the luxury of going from the semifinals to the final with just one away match, the mandated away leg against a TBD wild card opponent.

The MLS has a vested interest in having Los Angeles win the MLS Cup. They’ve been DYING for the Beckham/Donovan tandem to win a championship so they can put their faces all over the TV and market them relentlessly as the 2nd coming of Jordan and Pippen. ESPN analyst and MLS shill Alexi Lalas actually stated Landon Donovan was a “top 20 player in the world”. Luckily most soccer fans don’t buy anything Lalas said, considering he but LA in the cellar as GM.

I cannot stand anything about the Los Angeles Galaxy. Whether it’s the shrieks of teenage girls anytime Donovan, Beckham, and now Robbie Keane touch the ball, or the fact that their stadium is at least 10% empty on any given night despite having the best team in the league, or their Neanderthal sounding coach Bruce Arena, I have no reason to like them.

So Seattle Sounders, New York Red Bulls, FC Dallas, Colorado Rapids, Philadelphia Union, Columbus Crew (yes, you get a brief reprieve from this TFC fan’s disdain), Kansas City Wizards, Real Salt Lake,  and Houston Dynamo, your job is simple: Defeat and ELIMINATE the Los Angeles Galaxy. I don’t care how it happens, it just needs to. I’d prefer sooner than later (I’m looking at you, Seattle), but maybe another penalty shootout defeat, this time in front of their fairweather fans, would be just as sweet.

GO REST OF MLS!!! LA must lose! I’d love to see Don Garber’s face if he gets another FC Dallas vs. Colorado dud like last year.


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