Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the Public’s Fickleness

I want to make this brief, but I’m sure in the end it won’t be. Forget it, every rule I have in that guidelines page is now lifted for this comments section. This post might ramble, lack structure, but it will have reasoning.

Joe Paterno got fired today. Immediately. Over the phone. Penn State fired an 84-year-old man who is an icon of the school and the very reason their football program is any good…on the phone.  The guy who was never charged, arrested, or indicted for a single crime has just lost his job immediately. Mike McQueary, who actually SAW the sexual abuse occur, never called the police. Not even once. Why hasn’t he been scrutinized? This is a moral issue. I don’t have a problem with Paterno not overstepping his boundaries as a head coach, even though I wouldn’t do the same thing. Complete character assassination by this pathetic American media. He told the athletic director, Tim Curley, who in turn informed the HEAD OF THE SCHOOL POLICE DEPARTMENT, Gary Schultz, and neither one of those people said a peep to city authorities. But today it’s all about Paterno, Paterno, and more Paterno when there is no evidence to suggest he is the primary culprit in this cover-up. He’s just the biggest name and the face of the school.

If you want to clean house then fire everyone on Paterno’s staff and every high-ranking official in the school. Why the heck does Tim Curley still have a job despite being indicted on perjury charges? Why is Mike McQueary still employed? So many questions, so little time not focused on throwing Paterno under the bus.

By the end of the day I bet you you’ve probably forgotten it was Jerry Sandusky who is charged on endless counts of sexual abuse, deviate sexual intercourse, child endangerment, and several other offenses. He, Curley, and Schultz are the real people who should die a painful and slow death. You’ve been fooled by a completely biased and agenda-driven media machine who spun the story around to the only person who showed public remorse and reported the incident Mike McQueary saw. If Sandusky doesn’t get life in prison then the jury needs to get thrown in jail for stupidity. Sandusky needs to die a painful, slow death. I have no remorse. I’m not interested in forgiveness for child molesters and in his case he definitely doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect from any form of life on this planet.

Lastly, you gotta love how our society works. There are riots aplenty at the Penn State campus (2011: Year of the Riot!) over Paterno’s firing. Well that’s all well and good but the next time NBC Nightly News is on and there’s a feature report on child abuse and rape in churches, boy scouts,  middle schools, and rec centers, you need to start protesting. When a priest fondles an altar boy and they simply transfer him to another parish, go kick up a storm. What the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America have been proven guilty of over a 40+ year period should be getting SO MUCH MORE outrage and media coverage than it’s actually getting. The scandal at Penn State is nothing different than those two organizations have been doing for DECADES, forget 15 years. The American public barely bats an eye towards these things yet lose their minds when Casey Anthony is found not guilty. We bring up the morality argument but proudly sport the highest divorce rate in the world and Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. Isn’t something wrong with this picture?

My heart goes out to the kids-turned-adults who have been affected by this disgusting and pathetic mess of a situation. Their lives have been forever changed by entitled, privileged, powerful, and ultimately irresponsible sub-human monsters. It’s a shame that the country is currently focusing on the guy who was not charged with any criminal wrongdoing.


2 thoughts on “Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the Public’s Fickleness

  1. Justin F.

    Mike McQueary is even going to coach this Saturday. Ugh. Like I told you via email, if Penn State wants to completely clean house, fine. But they did not completely clean house! And McQueary was in his upper-20s at the time, so it is not like he was an unsure teenager or a wondering undergrad.

    I agree with you about the (lack of) coverage of the church. And Toddlers And Tiaras? Wow.

    I could do without the riots. Especially as I am friendly with some people there, and do not want to see any of my friends injured.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Toddlers and Tiaras is essentially a pageantry show the objectification of young girls (younger than JonBenet) by their overbearing parents — usually mothers — on television.

      I could do without the riots, too. They went overboard but this is college, who wants a peaceful protest among youthful drunkards? However, I can understand their frustration with the school. They’re just not helping the cause.


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