Oakland @ San Diego Prediction

The Oakland Raiders gave up almost 300 yards of rushing offense last week to Denver. San Diego has that unstoppable butterbean known as Mike Tolbert in the backfield. For the sake of my fantasy team, I’m not interested in Philip Rivers throwing the ball unless it’s to Tolbert. If Rivers is going to continue to suck then PLEASE get Tolbert the ball. Oakland is still Oakland. This is a team with talent and absolutely zero discipline. I don’t expect this game to be well-played, Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers haven’t played too well, and the defenses on both teams have been horrible. Rivers and Palmer have combined for 20 interceptions this season and Palmer has only played two games!

Also, Aaron Curry is on Oakland’s team so expect blown assignments, poor angles, missed tackles, and at least 2-3 penalties. He’s a perfect match for the Raiders!

San Diego 23 Oakland 16

This game doesn’t really excite me and frankly I hate this NFL Network deal. The channel is absolutely terrible and a waste of time.



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