Enemy Reaction – Baltimore Ravens

Originally posted at Field Gulls

This 3-6 team sure can hang with the big boys, can’t they? Wins over the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens are nothing to sneeze at. Let’s not forget Seattle was fairly competitive with the Dallas Cowboys until about the 4th quarter, and were only down by 2 to the now 8-1 49ers on opening week before Ted Ginn Jr. killed the game off. Seattle sure as hell isn’t a good team but last weekend was another encouraging sign for things to come in 2012 and beyond. Now is your chance to relive that moment through gamethread juxtapositions from Field Gulls and Baltimore Beatdown. I’ve selected four key plays from that game and the reactions on both sides.

NOTE: These are large images so you will have to zoom in to see them clearly.

GAMETHREAD: David Reed Fumbles Kickoff Return – Act I



GAMETHREAD: David Reed Fumbles Kickoff Return – Act II



GAMETHREAD: Joe Flacco Throws Interception to David Hawthorne



GAMETHREAD: Marshawn Lynch Jukes Ray Lewis to Help Clinch Seahawks Win



The entire Ravens gamethread was infested with Steelers trolls. I’m sure if our site was overrun with Rams or 49ers trolls the banhammer would also need to be in Beast Mode. Kudos to them for tolerating that kind of crap.

POST-GAME: Cam Cameron Abandons the Run

Cam did all he could to try to make Joe Flacco’s arm fall off. Flacco attempted a career high 52 passes (one of which was tipped and intercepted on the opening drive of the second half, resulting in a 22-7 Seattle lead) but finished with a dismal 4.9 yards per attempt.

Joe had an up-and-down day, missing several throws that could have resulted in big plays. His receivers also once again betrayed him though, as everyone from Torrey Smith to Anquan Boldin to Ray Rice was dropping catchable passes. I counted at least 5 drops on the day.

As many have stated, Flacco and the Ravens’ receivers – while performing admirably in comeback wins over Arizona and Pittsburgh – are not yet ready to be the bread-and-butter of this offense. Nor do they have to be. The Ravens possess one of the game’s most dangerous weapons in running back Ray Rice, yet yesterday was just another game where he was a forgotten man.

In the team’s three losses this year, Rice has a grand total of 26 carries for 98 yards. He had eight carries in Jacksonville. He had FIVE yesterday in Seattle.

Now granted, the flow of the game dictated a sense of urgency that didn’t leave quite as much room to try to establish the run (wouldn’t it be nice to see this team play with a lead for once?). However, Cameron abandoned Rice entirely too early. Even against a Seattle defense that entered the game tied with the Ravens for second fewest yards-per-carry allowed, #27 needed to be more involved. – NESTMINDER from Baltimore Birds Nest laments on Baltimore’s horrendous offensive gameplan.

POST-GAME: A Maddening Defeat

It’s absolutely maddening. How do you explain a loss to a team that had not lead in a single game this season at halftime? How do you explain how journeyman Tavaris Jackson was able to dissect the Ravens secondary with little pressure in his face? The term letdown is going to be used ad nauseum all week by both the local and national press and you have to wonder if that’s all there is to this loss. I know that its hard to bring the same level of intensity every week and you don’t always have your “A” game with you but good teams find ways to win. They may slip here and again but usually they beat the teams that they are supposed to. That’s why the Ravens are so hard to figure. They hold wins over Pittsburgh (TWICE), the Jets, and Houston who are all contenders for top team in the AFC. But their losses especially to the Jaguars and now the Seahawks are at best head scratchers. Teams with limited offensive potential who scored enough while keeping the offense in check. The pattern has been established. That said, I’d be more shocked if they lost next week when they host the Bengals than what happened today. It just seems to be the trend and I’m not sure why.

Special Teams has been a concern all season and this time they helped cost the team a game. David Reed who has been shaky most of the season had an embarrassing outing. Two Fumbles and a ridiculous Unsportmanlike penalty for taunting. It’s time for Reed to find a seat while Laquan Williams or maybe Tandon Doss gets shot to win the job. Once again Billy Cundiff can’t seem to hit Field Goals when the team needs it – he missed two long tries today and swung momentum to the home team. – Matt Jergensen from RavensGab has his take on Baltimore’s performance at the CLink

And last but not least……

Baltimore Ravens 17-Seattle Seahawks 22 (CROW TASTE NASTY!!!) (via bmoreravensonline2)




Seattle is in a position to make .500. No seriously. This isn’t some high coming off a win, they have three straight winnable games. St. Louis, Washington, and now Philadelphia are all games Seattle should have a shot at winning. They should certainly beat the Rams and Redskins but I’ll hold off on the Eagles until Vick inevitably breaks his entire body. To go to 6-6 would essentially put Seattle maybe 2-3 games out of the wild card so the rest of our season at least wouldn’t be simply evaluating talent, but maybe hoping for a miraculous run from 2-6 to playoff football. It’s unlikely, but a man can dream, right?

The running game is starting to gel (Moffitt’s injury doesn’t help things, though), Richard Sherman is playing extremely well for a rookie corner, the safeties are kicking ass, and Steven Hauschka has revived his career after flaming out in Baltimore. There are a lot of things wrong with this team (ahem)QB(ahem), but the good things we’ve seen out of the Seahawks like the play of Sherman, Kam, the health of Okung, should have fans stoked about our team’s future.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Enemy Reaction! The next edition will come when Seattle wins again. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.


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