NFL Thanksgiving Day 2011 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This is the best week of holiday football in a long long time and even the Dolphins/Cowboys game is worth a watch given Miami’s recent performances. The nightcapper is obviously the Harbaugh Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. Amazingly, if the 49ers win tonight and the “surging” Seattle Seahawks lose against the Redskins on Sunday, the Niners win the NFC West. Yep. This division is bad but the 49ers are elite.

Alas, I have the following picks:

Packers over Lions
Cowboys over Dolphins
Ravens over 49ers (please?)

Enjoy yourselves because I’m sure many of you will stupidly head down to Wal-Mart or even Target for Black Friday. If you get crushed at the entrance I have no sympathy for you. So stay safe and shop online, folks!


Sound off.....

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