VIDEO: N’Damukong Suh Stomps His Way to a Suspension

Check it out after the jump….

Impressive. Very impressive. Suh is a talented, excellent football player. He is however a hothead and it’s undeniable now. Suh is probably the dirtiest player in the NFL. I guess that meeting he had with Roger Goodell over what he could and couldn’t do was completely futile.

Suh obviously got ejected and Green Bay scored a touchdown thanks to this thuggish move. He needs to get suspended for this and I don’t care what lame-ass excuse he makes about losing his balance.

These Lions are becoming the NFL version of the 1980s Detroit Pistons. Two weeks ago Matthew Stafford decided to shove Chicago’s DJ Moore to the ground with his face mask. Moore retaliated and got ejected but Stafford obviously got penalized.

The Lions are finally good again but they’re so dirty and undisciplined that they are really making it hard for anyone outside of their own fanbase to like them.


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