2011 NFL Season – Week 12 Picks

The irrational fan in me says the Seattle Seahawks can sweep their three game homestand and go to 7-6 after the Dec. 10th game against the St. Louis Rams. That would put them in the playoff hunt and give Seattle something to play for. Believe it or not the Seahawks have the 11th ranked defense in the NFL It’s true! And they’ve also allowed just 5 rushing touchdowns all year and none since week 4 against Atlanta. This is the first time in a long time where I feel confident that the Seahawks can go on a winning streak even though this offense is just not very good. I’m 100% confident the defense and even special teams can carry this team to a respectable record.

There’s also one big factor in the Redskins/Seahawks game tomorrow…

Unleash the sex dragon!

Last Week’s Record: 9-5
Thanksgiving Record: 3-0
Season Total: 99-64

Here we go….

Jets over Bills
Texans over Jaguars
Bengals over Browns
Falcons over Vikings
Colts over Panthers (if Indy loses this is the last time I pick the Colts this season)
Buccaneers over Titans
Rams over Cardinals
Seahawks over Redskins
Bears over Raiders
Patriots over Eagles
Tebow over Chargers
Steelers over Chiefs
Saints over Giants


Sound off.....

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