Yeah, About the Seahawks and a Playoff Run……

Just scrap it. Forget everything I wrote on Sunday and pretend that I’m writing about the Seattle Seahawks drafting Robert Griffin III next April. Actually, imagine me writing about Seattle drafting a living, breathing creature of any life form at QB in the 2012 NFL Draft, because they’re all better alternatives than Tarvaris Jackson.

I’ve got something fun planned for the massive Eagles @ Seahawks Thursday night game, which the NFL Network seriously advertised as “Philly must win to keep their playoff hopes alive”. If the season were to end today, Seattle would be ahead of Philly on conference tiebreaker (3-4 SEA vs. 3-5 PHI). Of course I interpret this as “The Eagles are hurting our draft position!”. Also, if anyone has seen the actual commercial for this titanic matchup, apparently Seahawks fans tailgate by steaming crab and grilling fish. Eagles fans prepare with Andy Reid’s fat the Philly cheesesteak. It’s bad enough I don’t get the NFL Network anymore, but I’m struggling to find a reason to jump back any time soon.


One thought on “Yeah, About the Seahawks and a Playoff Run……

  1. Justin F.

    Not that I believe this series of events is remotely possible, but if the Giants lose to two of Green Bay, Washington, and New York Jets, beat Dallas twice, and the Eagles win out………forget it. This series of events is not remotely possible.


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