Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Beat the Seattle Seahawks

Rinse and repeat.

Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Moises Fokou (IR’d) are all out for tomorrow night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. LeSean McCoy and Nmamdi Asomugha are questionable, too! Short week, long road-trip, crappy team, dysfunctional coaching staff and a star receiver playing and acting terribly in a contract year…..so why do I think the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the Seattle Seahawks? Find out after the jump. To find out why the Seahawks will win tomorrow, Eagles fan Justin F. has you covered.

1.) Seattle’s injured, too. Sidney Rice was put on IR after suffering a concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Washington Redskins. Tarvaris Jackson has played most of the season with a strained pectoral muscle. Marcus Trufant, Matt McCoy, Walter Thurmond III, and ST ace David Vobora are all on IR. It took a little bit longer than usual, but the Seahawks are getting their annual rush of injuries to key players. Tomorrow night CB Richard Sherman and LB David Hawthorne are questionable on the injury report, and they’re both starters. Seattle already has a terrible CB depth situation, having lost Trufant and Thurmond to injury. Sherman has been awesome and perhaps an improvement over Trufant, so you knew the honeymoon was too good to be true. David Hawthorne is arguably Seattle’s only good linebacker, another position Seattle completely scraped of depth by releasing Lofa Tatupu (which probably needed to be done), losing Will Herring to the Saints, and trading Aaron Curry to the Raiders. While the Eagles have the depth to handle injuries to key players, Seattle does not. Last weekend when DT Alan Branch could not play, the run defense completely blew chunks out there and gave up a 100 yard game to Roy Helu.

2.) Vince Young is the exact type of QB Seattle struggles with. The Seahawks have just 20 sacks and 8 of them are by Chris Clemons. What’s infuriating is they’ve played Rex Grossman, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, and Colt McCoy. I doubt these teams all have elite offensive lines, Seattle’s pass rush is just that bad. Vince Young is 6’4, 240 pounds, and is mobile as long as he doesn’t twist his ankle. He may not be the greatest thrower but you just know that if the pocket collapses, the Seahawks will leave about 15 yards of grass for him to run for a first down. Seattle’s worst defensive performances came against Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo, both very mobile. Hopefully Young doesn’t realize his strengths, but I’m not counting on that.

3.) Philadelphia has a pass rush. The Eagles have recorded 31 sacks and the Seahawks are tied for 30th in sacks allowed. Tarvaris Jackson doesn’t scramble very often and less so with the injury. The Seahawks also have a horrible right side of the offensive line. Carnage.

4.) LeSean McCoy is arguably the best running back in the NFL. Everyone knows this except Andy Reid, who basically abandoned him against one of the worst defenses in the NFL last Sunday. He leads the NFL in rushing with 1,060 yards and is only behind Matt Forte in runs of 20 yards or more. I don’t care how good Seattle’s run defense is, McCoy can make any team look amateurish. He’s like a better version of Brian Westbrook and he’s so fun to watch. I believe McCoy is at his most dangerous when he’s used in the screen passing plays, something the Seahawks have failed to consistently defend in three years. When he has the ball in his hands he’s got the speed to get past the secondary and is excellent at exploiting holes between the tackles. He is as complete a RB as there is, and Reid/Mornhinweg should be fired if they continue to lose games by not using him enough. Ten carries against the Patriots is deplorable.

5.) Seattle is an undisciplined bunch. The Seahawks have over 100 penalties and are only better than the Raiders in avoiding the yellow flag. Brandon Browner has 11 penalties in 11 weeks. God forbid he covers any Eagles receiver with speed as he’ll either get beat or he’ll get flagged because he got beat. Russell Okung has 9 penalties and James Carpenter had 9 before going to IR. They will hold, false start, illegally shift, intentionally ground, face mask, and rough the passer like no other team in football. It’s pure dirtbag play. You happy now, Jim Mora?


As depleted as the Eagles are I think they’re just a better and deeper team than the Seahawks and probably could blow them out. There will be a live blog of this gigantic clash right here tomorrow night so be there to watch two teams who will not be playing after January 1st.


2 thoughts on “Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Beat the Seattle Seahawks

  1. Justin F.

    You got the live blog set up for tomorrow?

    I’m also fairly certain that this is the first time since we started doing these regular live blogs that the Eagles have played the Seahawks. Honestly, I have no visual recollection of the Eagles win at Seattle in 2008. I guess I’m still scarred from the Monday Night Massacre and that afternoon game where A.J. Feeley threw 22 interceptions, all to Lofa Tatupu.

    1. Justin F.

      You got the live blog set up for tomorrow?

      I just got the email that you sent before I commented. Oops. Ignore that part of the comment.


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