Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Beat the Philadelphia Eagles

This post isn’t what you think. After Sunday’s turd against the Washington Redskins, most of my confidence in the Seattle Seahawks to win even half of their remaining games has been completely shattered. I’m fairly certain that even with Philadelphia’s injuries (which keep piling up as I type), that Seattle will lose on Thursday night.

So to help me convince myself that the Seahawks can beat the Eagles, former Reid basher-turned-Reid apologist and friend of the site Justin F. of  A Comeback of Epic Proportions Comes Complete has written up a few reasons why these Seahawks will beat Philadelphia and send the Iggles to 4-8.

With the Philadelphia Eagles playing the Seattle Seahawks this Thursday on NFL Network and given that both of our teams suck this year, Mookie and myself decided it would be a good idea to each write a post on why we think the other team will beat our team.  It’s depression at its very finest, folks!  Okay, now onto the reasons why the Seahawks will beat the Eagles this Thursday on Thursday Night Football.

The Eagles Defensive Coordinator is their old offensive line coach:  The Eagles Defensive coordinator is their offensive line coach.  It as worked out about as well as most imagined.  It’s imbarrassing. As much as I (and the Eagles players themselves) did not like Sean McDermott, the Eagles defense put up a respectable -11.0% DVOA last season (Editor’s Note: DVOA Explained).  This season, the Eagles defensive DVOA is a sub-par 2.8% (in case you do not know or have not yet figured out, in terms of defense, a negative DVOA is better than a positive DVOA).  That’s right.  The Eagles defense has actually regressed from last season.

The Eagles are traveling to Seattle on short rest:  Some people like the idea of Thursday Night Football games.  I am not one of those people.  Each team has three days rest as compared to the standard six and in the case of the road teams, they have to spend one of those days travelling.  There may be substance to this theory, as this season road teams playing on Thursday night are 2-4, with the two wins being the Raiders in San Diego and the Packers in Detroit.  In the case of the Eagles, this week, they have to travel what is for them the farthest possible distance on short rest.  And oh by the way, CenturyLink Field* is a notoriously difficult stadium for road teams.

*CenturyLink Field is nicknamed “The Clink.”  I’d laugh at how horrible of a nickname that is for a stadium, but I think I know where they got the inspiration for that one.  

The Eagles have been bitten by the injury bug:  Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin have been ruled out for Thursday while Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Editor’s Note: He’s out) , and LeSean McCoy are all at best questionable to play in Seattle.  Vince Young, Riley Cooper (beautiful looks aside), and Brandon Hughes are hardly suitable replacements for the aforementioned Eagles.  While Vince Young did throw for 400 yards, he did throw 48 passes against a not-so-great secondary, so that is not something that should be taken as a sign of things to come.  While Pete Carroll probably has spent many a night rocking back-and-forth muttering the name “Vince Young” in between ear-piercing shrieks, he should really learn to relax. The Vince Young that tormented his soul in 2006 is not the same as the Vince Young of today.  Just last week, with only Julian Edelman in the open field standing in the way between Vince Young and a first down, the 6’5 233 lb Young allowed himself to get tackled short of the marker by the 5’10 198 lb Edelman.  Seriously.  It was as embarrassing as it reads.

The Eagles Defensive Coordinator is their old offensive line coach:  Enough said.


Later on I will post my reasons for the Eagles crushing the Seahawks. Thank you to Justin for taking the time to tell us why Philadelphia is a mess.


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