This is Why the BCS Sucks

Tonight is the pillaging of UCLA’s football team. Oregon hosts the inaugural Pac-12 Championship Game and they go up against a Bruins team that has already fired Rick Neuheisel, and is your Pac-12 South champion at 6-6. Because USC is still banned from bowl games, UCLA was seriously the next best team in that division. Now, Oregon is a 30+ point favorite tonight and there’s no reason to believe they will lose even if they play 3rd stringers to start the game. BUT if by some miracle UCLA wins at Autzen Stadium, they go to the Rose Bowl at 7-6. It gets even better, if they lose and finish 6-7 they still have the option of going to a bowl game, because the NCAA granted them a bowl waiver for their 6-6 regular season! UCLA could always decline this but that means that they only need to win one game to go to a BCS bowl. Seriously.

You see, having a play-off isn’t an automatic cure-all for the BCS, but it’s the best choice. I can’t take anymore of this garbage. Alabama is probably going to get a bye to the BCS Title Game. LSU could lose to Georgia tomorrow night and still be considered #2 in the BCS rankings and still play for the National Championship Game. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Oregon all had their BCS title aspirations completely shot to hell all by losing one game. What kind of system is this?

My college football enjoyment has declined sharply in recent years and this isn’t helping. Tonight a trip to the Rose Bowl will be decided with a 10-2 powerhouse going up against a 6-6 squad that just lost to USC 50-0.

What a mess.


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