2011 NFL Season – Week 13 Picks

Well well well. Playoff races are heating up, the Seahawks smashed the Eagles to drive me to a fresh 0-1 start, and FOX’s primary morning game is the 6-5 TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW vs. 2-9 Minnesota Vikings. Thom Brennaman, the notorious Tebow lover, has been assigned this game. As you can imagine, I’m watching Bengals/Steelers instead.

While I’m here I think it’s time we addressed Trent Cole. Can anyone tell me why there was no penalty for his blatant hip-toss of Russell Okung? Even worse, this happened away from the play (a Leon Washington run) so this is just plain dirty tricks from Cole.

Okung tore his pectoral muscle and is out for the year. Suspend Trent Cole’s ass for at least 2 games. Heck, there’s 4 games left I’d just end his season now, but that’s just the homer in me. It might even benefit Cole, as no one wants to play for that sinking ship.

Bills over Titans
Bears over Chiefs
Texans over Falcons (upset special)
Raiders over Dolphins
Broncos over Vikings
Patriots beat the Colts by 215 points
Steelers over Bengals
Panthers over Bucs
Jets over Redskins
Ravens over Browns
Cowboys over Cardinals
Packers over Giants
49ers over Rams (and win the NFC West)
Saints over Lions
Jaguars over Chargers

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