Enemy Reaction – Philadelphia Eagles

First written at Field Gulls

What is it with the Seattle Seahawks on national TV? Well for one they’ve done a good job of making sure the Seahawks have no primetime road games because they’ve had a grand total of four in the last five years. The aura of CenturyLink Field has captivated the mainstream media and they’ve since added it to the list of things to discuss when the Seahawks are on TV — The other things listed are fish tossing, grunge music, bodies of water, and now Skittles. Last Thursday the Seahawks essentially dominated the Philadelphia Eagles and ended their stupid Dream Team season, causing the media to go into mass panic.

I’m here to show you how this Eagles loss felt from their fans’ perspective. As usual I’ve juxtaposed our game thread to the opposing team’s — in this case it’s Bleeding Green Nation — and unlike other threads I’ve made the Eagles side much longer than ours because their thread is not only larger, but is much more hilarious.

There were so many big plays in this game so I’ve put in seven screenshots for your enjoyment…just make sure to zoom-in!

Kam Chancellor Intercepts Vince Young on Eagles’ First Offensive Play



Marshawn Lynch Goes Full-On Beast Mode


Brandon Browner Interception on Riley Cooper’s Drop



Golden Tate Makes Leaping Touchdown Grab



David Hawthorne Seals the Deal With a Pick 6



Brandon Browner Gets His 2nd Interception



Seahawks Bitch Slap Eagles on 4th and 6





Post-Game: This is a Terrible Football Team



This team is an absolute disgrace. I loathe this roster. Samuel, Asomugha, DRC, Vick, Young, Nate Allen, all of them. It’s a toxic combination of bad and apathetic football players.

I’ve been one of Andy Reid’s staunchest supporters, but I don’t know what else to say at this point. Not only is this team 4-8, but they’ve lost in the most puzzling, baffling and uninspired ways possible. They are a terrible football team. The secondary is atrocious, the linebackers are worse. And the coaching staff looks like bumbling pack of clueless high school coaches in it just to collect a $5,000 paycheck. The schemes make no sense, accountability is non-existent and the execution is laughable.

Nine Bud Light’s have numbed me to the hideousness of what I just watched. It was simply f**** (****** you, FanSided and you’re ******* policies) awful.

Come back tomorrow so we can break this thing down. Although, I’ll tell you–I’d rather buy a portable gasoline tank. Take the nozzle, fill my rectum with gas, light a match next to it and feel my rectum burn. I’d rather light my own ass and it’s insides on fire than discuss this garbage.

Seriously. – Bob Wankel (snickers) tells us how he really feels about the Philadelphia Eagles.


Post-Game: By the Numbers


After last night, it seems pretty clear that the Eagles have hit the low point of Andy Reid’s tenure as head coach. The only question now is whether you have any hope that he can turn things around. I assume many of those folks who have stubbornly supported Reid over the last few games are starting to change their minds, but we’ll find out.

7.9 = Vince Young’s interception percentage this season. For comparison, Mike McMahon had a 3.9 percent interception rate in 2005. I’ve never seen a team get four second half possessions, and give the ball away in three of them. If Michael Vick is out again, Mike Kafka will undoubtedly get his chance next week.

57.9 = Young’s completion percentage this season, worst season of his career. What happened to quarterback gurus Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg?

6 = Two game stretches when Reid has had a worse point differential than the last two games. It’s one thing to get blown out by New England, but Seattle? – Brian Solomon from McNabb or Kolb looks at the worst of the damage from Thursday night.




And lastly…..

Post-Game Video Crow: The Season is Over

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it already…(Seahawks 31 Eagles 14) (via RipperEagle96)


The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl as you all know, unless they lose to the Rams on Monday night…then they’ll be picking in the top 5 of the draft for the next 15 years. I want to talk about Philadelphia since this is such a gigantic collapse.

There’s a lot of talk about Andy Reid’s job being on the line. I was on the fence about this, but after Thursday there is no doubt now that he needs to go. I am certain the Eagles will keep him for another year since his contract runs out in 2012. The common argument for keeping Reid is the fact that his teams normally make the playoffs and these disasters like this one are rare. It’s true…but he’s clearly underachieving with the talent he has. He’s gotten away with this for years and is now out of excuses. Reid had years of Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan, and a Jim Johnson defense and repeatedly hit a brick wall in the NFC Championship Game. They finally hit the jackpot in 2005 and for some reason decided to take the 4th quarter off in the Super Bowl and lost to New England. Last season and this season he’s had a top 10 QB in Vick and maybe the most versatile RB in the NFL in LeSean McCoy, plus a string of proven defensive standouts and the team has gone to the dumps. He’s underachieving with the talent he has and just hasn’t improved his game management skills to merit anything other than public ridicule.

This is not like Bill Cowher taking 14 years to win a Super Bowl, he managed to routinely make the playoffs with Neil O’Donnell at QB and somehow managed a 13-3 record with Kordell Stewart at QB. Does anyone remember the Tommy Maddox era? Ben Roethlisberger was the first top 10 QB he’d ever had and they went 15-1 in Ben’s rookie season and then uh…you know what happened next. Reid has gone as far as he can with the Philadelphia Eagles and the unraveling of the terrible coaching staff he’s built along with his umpteenth wide receiver issue is proof that he is in a mess that cannot be fixed with him in charge. Sean McDermott and Juan Castillo sucking are on Andy Reid. The retarded run-pass ratio he keeps up even with Vince Young at QB is a Reid issue. Losing at home on a frequent basis — especially in the playoffs — is a Reid issue. Nothing has changed from year 1 and Reid has not advanced as an NFL head coach.

That’s it for this week’s Enemy Reaction, hopefully we have 4 more editions in here!


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