Oh No……

I’m trying out Twitter (@SSReporters). It’s not what you think, though. I don’t like using social networking to tell the world what I’m having for dinner. The purpose of this Twitter trial is two things:

1.) Link to my latest blog posts. With enough followers my site traffic will DOUBLE, no TRIPLE from 1 to 3 page views per day.

2.) Discuss sports in under 140 characters instead of jotting it down on QuickPress and posting it here.

I refuse to publicly “tweet” about private life, political issues, celebrity gossip, etc. so the two things I’ve mentioned is pretty much what you get.

The recent tweets are on the sidebar along with the option to follow me. Consider it “Stupid Sideline Reporters Plus” and a new edition to the blog.

I’ve written 4 tweets so far and the question needs to be asked – How do people get obsessed with Twitter? I wonder if it becomes more obsessive when you post via texting (already another obsession gripping most of the world) on your iPhone, Android, SmartPhone, whatever.


2 thoughts on “Oh No……

  1. Justin F.

    It becomes an obsession when you start following reporters and you begin to rely on it for breaking news. And then you begin tweeting. Then you begin tweeting with people you know from the internet or elsewhere. Then you become me. I was a passive Twitter user for about 6 months after I joined…..now I have 17,773 tweets, follow 164 people, and have 398 followers; though I’m not sure how many of those 398 are real, live people). It’s a fun addiction.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Here’s what I do – Go to Twitter search, type in the keyword for a breaking news story, and then set it to “all tweets” and figure out which one is legit.


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