The NFL Fine Book is Complete Garbage

I’m going to compare two $7,500 fines for you. Please tell me how the heck anyone can legitimately say that an excessive celebration penalty is on the same level as a blatant dirty move after the whistle (resulting in Russell Okung going on IR).

Golden Tate Touchdown Celebration (Fined $7,500)

Trent Cole’s Hip-Toss on Russell Okung (Fined $7,500)

I guarantee you that if Cole did that against Tim Tebow, he would get fined, suspended, thrown in jail, and possibly face the death penalty. His face would be plastered all over the TV as the most evil person in NFL history.

This is garbage. There was no intent to injure Okung, but there sure as hell was intent to throw him. You can see Cole clearly grab Okung’s arm and plant him right no the turf with no penalty given. Size differential really doesn’t mean much as long as you have good technique.

Cole gets a slap on the wrist for a dirty play that ended a player’s season and will require rehab that may have him missing time next year, but he gets punished exactly like a player who celebrates a touchdown in a manner the NFL disapproves of.

Justice has been served.


One thought on “The NFL Fine Book is Complete Garbage

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