Irrational Seahawks Playoff Hopes: Who to Root For This Weekend

So you're saying there's a chance?

The Seahawks are more bi-polar than Delonte West, and as a result my brain is conflicted with thoughts of a miracle playoff push and the need for a QB of the future. Thanks to other teams losing, the Seattle Seahawks are 2 games out of the final wild card spot. Above them are the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants. Seattle beat the Giants already, lost to Atlanta, and will play Chicago next Sunday. With the 2-10 St. Louis Rams coming to town on Monday night in a place they haven’t won since that dreaded 2004 collapse, and the 7-5 Chicago Bears losing their only good offensive players, the miracle could happen. Seattle needs some help, though. Let me tell you the Seahawks fan who to root for this Sunday:

All of these scenarios are on the assumption that the Seahawks go 9-7 (which I’m sure they won’t, but the Rams game is a start).

Minnesota Vikings (2-10) @ Detroit Lions (7-5)

Root For: Minnesota Vikings. As things stand, the Lions would be out of the playoffs. They lost to #6 seed Atlanta and would be behind #5 Chicago regardless due to conference games record. The Vikings are terrible and have an inept defense so the odds of them winning are minimal.

Consequences of a Detroit Win: It’s really not the end of the world if the Lions win, but a Vikings victory would absolutely be huge. They end the season with three tough games against San Diego, Oakland, and Green Bay. As long as they finish 9-7, they will be below a 9-7 Seahawks team in the playoff race due to a poorer conference record.

Game Importance: Again, Detroit should win this game, but the remaining schedule does not bode well for them unless Green Bay rests their starters in week 17. Don’t sweat too much over this.


Chicago Bears (7-5) @ Tim Tebow (7-5)

Root For: The Earth to crumble Denver Broncos. Honestly, the Tebow love-in by the media completely affected how I was going to write this. Anyways, Chicago still has a top 10 defense that should put Tebow back to his typical Tebow-ish 5-13 performances. If Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were healthy I think the Broncos would get killed. But since it’s Caleb Hanie and Marion Barber, it levels the playing field a bit. Also, because it’s Hanie and Barber, the Seahawks have a chance to make the playoffs.

Consequences of a Denver Win: Does anyone want to endure another week of Tim Tebow talk and how he’s the greatest to ever play the game? He’s just a winner, right? Well here’s the deal, if Chicago wins this game — which would certainly be in a 10-3 type of stinker — it really doesn’t damage the Seahawks playoff hopes too much. It’s actually far more important a 6-7 Seahawks team just plain beats Chicago regardless of the Bears’ record. The Bears still need to play Green Bay on Christmas Day, and the Packers should be 14-0 by then. Once they get to the magic 7 losses (and they play like a team headed for at least 7) they will be behind Seattle in the wild card chase.

Game Importance: You should root for Denver, but this game is not the important one. Of course, if Chicago loses on Sunday, then they’re pretty much doomed.

Atlanta Falcons (7-5) @ Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Root For: Atlanta Falcons. This sounds crazy, but it’s best Atlanta wins. They are the only team in the wild card chase Seattle does not have a tiebreaker over, thanks to their 30-28 loss in week 4.  Seattle does not need a competitor for the #6 spot so Atlanta taking advantage of a very easy schedule is preferable. Atlanta is maddeningly inconsistent and are just 3-3 on the road. This is a game they should win, though. Carolina…well Cam Newton actually, is really fun to watch. However, they have seemingly half of their team in IR and their defense is horrendous. Matt Ryan should wake up from his funk and actually win me a game in fantasy football with a big performance this weekend. Michael Turner should completely wreck the 27th rushing D.

Consequences if Atlanta wins: It drags them into the #6 spot in the event Detroit or Chicago wins, which isn’t good considering they play Jacksonville and Tampa Bay later on in the season and have a big MNF match against New Orleans.

Game Importance: Atlanta needs to lock up this #5 seed and not suck or else they might be the #6 over Seattle.


New York Giants (6-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

Root For: Dallas Cowboys. This is a biggie. Because Dallas lost to Arizona last week, they are a loss away from losing the division lead. Instead of being essentially a win away from clinching the division, they have to win on Sunday and close out the year at least 10-6 or hope that the freefalling Giants are capable of losing to the Redskins or Jets. If the Giants and Cowboys both finish 9-7, the Giants win the division on the common opponents record tiebreaker and send Dallas to the wild card. Seattle lost to Dallas 23-13 so the last thing they need is a team out of nowhere already ahead of them in the wild card pecking order.

Consequences if New York wins: Dallas loses the division lead and ends up in the wild card hunt. Even if they win at TB and against Philly at home, as long as they lose to New York in week 17 they will be ahead of Seattle.

Game Importance: HUGE. This is the biggest game for the Seahawks to watch on Sunday. If the Giants lose and the Seahawks win on Monday they are the 2nd team on the outside looking in on the two wild card spots regardless of what happens to Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta. As long as Seattle wins out it would not be possible for the Giants to surpass them in the WC standings, and they’d have to somehow win the NFC East to make it to the postseason. Root for Dallas, which means rooting for Tony Romo to actually be clutch in December.


To Summarize: Seahawks need to win out, Dallas has to win, and it would be nice if Chicago and Detroit would lose.

It’s so fun when you know your team is bad but realize you’re somehow still in the playoff hunt. I can’t wait for the final four weeks of the season.



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