UFC 140 GIF of the Night: Jon Jones Chokes Lyoto Machida Unconscious

I have some crow to eat. Consider me the foolish one to think that Lyoto Machida’s unique fighting style would be they key to defeating Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 140. Well Machida did stagger Jones early in the 1st round and I was feeling pretty good. The 2nd round was a completely different story. Jones badly cut Machida’s forehead with an elbow, and then in devastating fashion, he dropped the former champion with a left hook, let him back up and slapped on a standing guillotine. It was so tight that Machida went limp within seconds and never got a chance to tap. This GIF will show you everything you need and why Jon Jones is far and away the best light heavyweight on the planet.

GIF courtesy of Zombie Prophet at Iron Forges Iron.

Until I see otherwise, Jon Jones cannot be beaten at 205 lbs. He is too big, too strong, and now he’s showing an improved stand-up attack, as evidenced by that short left hook that floored Machida. His guillotine choke is absolutely nasty and the way Lyoto fell was legitimately scary. Jones is the greatest young talent to ever grace the UFC, including Georges St. Pierre. His first pro fight was in 2008 and now he’s crushing the elite at light heavyweight.

Incredible way to cap off a fantastic card. I haven’t even mentioned Frank Mir rallying to break Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s arm with a brutal kimura, or Chan Sung Jung’s record-tying 7 second KO of Mark Hominick. UFC 140 was one of the best MMA events of 2011 from the first preliminary fight all the way to the main event.


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