GIF OF THE DAY: Seahawks Fans “Make it Skittle” on Marshawn Lynch

Last night’s St. Louis @ Seattle game was ugly, inept, and everything you hate about NFC West football. But the Seahawks prevailed and once again were the superior team in the 2nd half. Marshawn Lynch capped off another brilliant day with a 16 yard touchdown run to put away the hapless Rams once and for all. The fans, in reference to Lynch’s habit of eating Skittles on the sidelines, decided to….well….make it rain Skittles.

When I first saw this live, I thought it was a cool gesture. Then I realized that if Lynch wasn’t wearing a visor, and one of those things lands in his eye, we’re probably at injury #417. It’s a stupid thing to do as throwing small, solid candy like skittles is no different than throwing pebbles (Fruity Pebbles?). Please don’t do this again, fans. You should all know that Seattle is the king of having players injured in bizarre fashion.

This of course is the only way the national media can ever talk about Seattle, or the fact that they and Arizona have inexplicably found themselves two games out of a playoff spot. I’m pretty sure I’ll be irritated and annoyed that FOX is going to talk about this endlessly for the remainder of the season, but as long as Lynch continues to brutalize people, all I can say is “Taste the Rainbow, suckers”.


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