Enemy Reaction: St. Louis Rams

First written at Field Gulls

You know, it’s not really a great thing when you pick on a 2-11 team, but it goes away when you know it’s the St. Louis Rams. There’s not a lot to like. They have Josh McDaniels, Josh Brown, and are the only team we’ve ever lost to in the postseason at Qwest/CenturyLink Field. Monday night’s win makes it 13 out of 14 since that 0-fer-3 year that was 2004.

We’ll start with usual game thread reaction from both Field Gulls and Turf Show Times, and included is the hilarious response from Rams fans after it took them 8 tries to score from the 1 yard line. Please note I only have one shot of the Marshawn Lynch touchdown run because the last GT on Field Gulls was deleted for some odd reason. As always, zoom-in to get a larger look at each juxtaposition.

Doug Baldwin Blocks, Michael Robinson Scores off of Blocked Punt



Doug Baldwin Scores Touchdown at the End of the 3rd Quarter



RARE: St. Louis Rams Touchdown



Beast Mode Unleashed – Seahawks Win 30-13



Post-Game: Rams Embarrassed in Seattle

For those of you who suffered through the Monday Night Football game between the Rams and Seahawks, I feel your pain. Believe me. For anyone who didn’t see it, consider yourself lucky. We have seen some bad performances by the Rams this season, but I don’t know if we have seen anything as bad as this. The defense was pretty solid in the first half, as usual, but things fell apart in the second. The offense was abysmal all night, as usual, but nothing was worse than the team’s ineptitude from the one-yard line. I don’t even know if “ineptitude” is a word, but I don’t really know how else to describe it. The Rams did finally score a TD on a run by SJ39 , but it took them six tries from the 1 to do it. They also had 1st & goal from the 1 earlier in the game and settled for a field goal. It was awful.

I was chatting on Twitter about the game all night (@Ramblinfan) and there were a bunch of fans from both teams getting involved. At one point, someone told me that it looked like the Rams coaches didn’t want to watch this team play anymore. At another point, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden said “It looks like the Rams could play a doubleheader and not score.” I could go on and on about things that were said, but suffice it to say that everyone in the nation got to see just how bad things are with this team right now. I have been very hesitant to call for the heads of the coaching staff this season, but I don’t know if I can give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. After Monday night’s showing, I don’t see how Stan Kroenke could justify bringing them back. If there was ever a time to over-react, it’s after you get embarrassed in front of the entire nation. – Justin Stine of Ramblin Fan laments on another impotent Rams showing.

Post-Game: Rams Lay Another Egg

The Rams travelled to CenturyLink (nee: Qwest) Field to face off with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. They showed a national TV audience what they had been showing Rams fans all season: they are a poor football team with a huge injury problems and not enough talent or coaching to overcome any problems. Just like every week, the Rams kept it fairly close within the first 2 or so quarters, but then the mistakes piled up and so did the Seahawks points and it wasn’t long before the game was over.

The Rams didn’t get the game started off on the right foot on their first possession because after 2 first downs, they had their punt blocked and returned for the only touchdown in the 1st half of the game. The Seahawks lined up extra rushers and the Rams extra blockers did not get their assignments correct and left Doug Baldwin unblocked. Michael Robinson took the loose ball into the end zone. One of the blockers was Chris Smith, who was signed from the Practice Squad this week. That being said, it is the Rams responsibility to have their players ready to go and that was an example of a huge mental breakdown.

That was not even the play of the 1st half, that award goes to the ill-advised and ill-blocked flea flicker where Sam Bradford was destroyed by 2 Seattle defenders on an incomplete pass. The Rams have a gimpy quarterback in Sam Bradford and they left him out to dry. Bradford was terrible all day, missing even passes three yards past the line of scrimmage. – Jeff from Rams Gab writes an article that could essentially be a mad-lib for his team.





Rams Vs Seahawks Post Game (via adam22222222222)


Okay there’s no way of spinning it, St. Louis is the worst team in the NFC and may very well lose to the Colts if they were to play right now. Seattle treated them lightly and it showed with the gimmicks and trick plays. To date, all of Seattle’s non-QB throws this season have come in both Rams matchups (to be fair it’s only 3 passes). They were supposed to win and like they normally do they played their best football in the 2nd half.

The Seahawks need to win out and then hope Detroit loses 2 of 3 to make the postseason. It’s far more likely they don’t win another game this year than win out, but we’ve seen crazier things happen.

We could look back on this season and say “we shouldn’t have lost to Cleveland or Washington” but that’s who Seattle is. They’re mediocre but clearly improving. I really can’t think of a single part of this team that is worse than last year. The rush defense has stayed consistent all year, the secondary has been surprisingly good, Lynch is playing at a Pro Bowl level, and while I think Tarvaris Jackson is worse than Matt Hasselbeck, you have to think Jackson is an “upgrade” in that he doesn’t injure himself waking up.

Chicago Bears are next, and I can’t wait for Mike Martz to unleash his vertical passing attack against the likes of Roy Williams and Devin Hester.


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