Peter King Seriously Suggested Having a Full NFL Slate on Friday

SI columnist and NBC insider Peter King highlighted ten things randomly swirling in his coffee-fueled head for the weekend’s NFL action, and the last thing he wrote is probably one of the worst ideas imaginable:

No one asked me, but why couldn’t the NFL keep the Thursday game intact, have Friday the 23rd — today — be the 14-game normal late-season gameday, with the Bears and Packers tonight on NBC, then the Saints and Falcons playing as normal on Monday the 26th? There are too few family days and nights on all of our calendars, and crashing the NFL schedule on the 24th and 25th is, to me, crass.

Are you serious, Peter? The purpose of the NFL moving the Sunday slate to Saturday is BECAUSE they don’t want a full day of football to clash with Christmas Day. Christmas Eve isn’t an official holiday so pushing it to Saturday is acceptable. Why would the NFL put 13 games on a Friday when:

1.) It’s a work day.
2.) It’s a work day and you’re playing games as early as 10 AM!!!!! That’s nonstop football from 10-4 PM. Good luck with work productivity and television ratings.

This isn’t baseball, there is no way the NFL would shift almost all of their games from Saturday to Friday to accommodate Christmas falling on a weekend. When the English Premier League has midweek games on a non-holiday, all of them are played no earlier than 7:45 PM. There’s a reason no one asked you, King. Your idea sucks and would be ratings suicide and a total schedule-mangler.


2 thoughts on “Peter King Seriously Suggested Having a Full NFL Slate on Friday

  1. Justin F.

    I do not follow tennis or golf closely enough to know much about it, though I am pretty sure they have some U.S. hosted events during the days of non-holidays. The first round of March Madness is partly during the day of non-holidays. All that being said, I do agree it is a terrible idea. March Madness can get away with it because of MMOD, and if last year is any indication, the NCAA is spreading out early game start times more and pushing the start times of some locations back a bit. NFL on a Friday, with their policies, would be suicide.


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