Alamo Bowl – The Game Where Nick Holt Gets Fired

I can proudly say that I have not watched a single college bowl game this season. There are way too many games that are complete junk and I really cannot find reasons to care about Cal vs. Texas. I do have a reason to watch the Alamo Bowl between Washington and Baylor, though. Heisman winner Robert Griffin III is playing, and Washington’s defense will unfortunately have to be on the field. I’m excited to see the Huskies’ functioning offense in action against Baylor, but I’m dreading anything that useless defense does.

Nick Holt should not have a job with Washington after tonight. There’s almost no way he can pull off a 2nd miracle and have his defense suddenly show up for a bowl game. There are not many worse defensive coordinators in football than Holt. Look at these sterling statistics in his three years here:

Passing Defense Ranking (119 D-I FBS Teams)

2009 – 89th

2010 – 37th

2011 – 116th

Rushing Defense Ranking (Yards-Per-Game)

2009 – 65th

2010 – 103rd

2011 –  52nd

Scoring Defense Ranking (Points Allowed Per Game)

2009 – 71st

2010 – 93rd

2011 – 99th

Piss-poor numbers. Washington basically gets gashed one way or the other. Holt’s ceiling is middle-of-the-road, and that’s not good. You could look at Washington’s 2011 rush defense and think it’s not that bad, but when you’re almost at the very bottom of Division I FBS in pass defense why would ANY team try to run it? This is the same team that gave up over 400 yards to Bo Levi Mitchell of Eastern Washington, an FCS school. Washington has been blown out in every single defeat, including a 38-21 pounding in Corvallis against an Oregon State team that had one of the worst offenses in the Pac-12 and a 2-8 record at the time of the game.

I’m really not interested in the argument that Washington’s defense doesn’t have the talent to succeed, or that Willingham’s ineptitude is why the defense still sucks. Well if that’s the case, why did the Huskies offense instantly become better under Steve Sarkisian? Jake Locker turned into a top 10 draft pick under two years of Sark and now they average 31 points per game under Keith Price. There has been no improvement under Nick Holt’s tenure and there’s no sign of hope. Scoring defense has gone down each season and the 2011 passing defense is actually ranked worse than the 0-12 Huskies of 2008.

For Washington to become a legitimate Pac-12 contender, they need a defense worth a damn. Nick Holt is clearly not the guy and Steve Sarkisian would be actively damaging his own team by keeping him employed past the 2011-12 season. Three years is long enough to pass judgment on his coaching style, and frankly it’s awful.

Fire Nick Holt!


Prediction: Baylor 55 Washington 30


5 thoughts on “Alamo Bowl – The Game Where Nick Holt Gets Fired

  1. Mat Adelmund

    I’m glad your prediction was wrong by the amount that it was. But I think the point is still valid that Holt was still the reason for our loss.

    29 points scored against us in the third quarter is just not acceptable. If this were the only incident of third-quarter lapse, that would be one thing. But…

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