Baylor 67 Washington 56 – The Game Where Nick Holt Gets Fired

That is not a basketball score, that is a college football game played within 60 minutes. You know what? I’m not even going to write about the defense today. Washington’s offense is fantastic and can only get better. Keith Price, Chris Polk (or Jesse Callier depending on Polk’s draft decision), Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Kasen Williams, and Devin Aguilar are all players who can make this offense one of the best in the country and at least top 4 in the Pac-12. Tonight’s game was so entertaining and Washington will be so fun to watch for years to come under Steve Sarkisian. I applaud Price and his amazing QB performance, he arguably outplayed the Heisman Trophy winner in Robert Griffin III. He is going to go down as one of the best players in Washington history.


Instead of focusing on the near 800 yards of offense the Huskies gave up, I’m going to share with you a partial list of actual search terms that have led to people coming to this website just from today:

fire nick holt 25
nick holt fired 24
why is washington’s defense so bad? 4
nick holt sucks 4
nick holt needs to be fired 2
yves edwards vs josh thompson fight video 2
matthew stafford snub 2
huskies defense sucks 2
nick holt should be fired 2
pam ward espn 2
espn sideline reporters suck 2
nick holt needs to go 2
nick holt alamo bowl 2
nick holt rumors 2
nick holt awful 2
spike tv is stupid 1
washington defense sucks 1
nick holt alamo 1

Good night. I have nothing else to say.


7 thoughts on “Baylor 67 Washington 56 – The Game Where Nick Holt Gets Fired

  1. Wave

    If anyone tries to blame this loss on Chris Polk, they should go find another sport to watch. He fumbled the ball, but so did RG3. These things can happen. What cannot happen is an 89 yard run right afterwards.

    1. Mookie Post author

      If Polk stays for another season he’ll be a contender for best running back in the country.

      Turnovers happen, the fact that Washington’s D cannot stop any team from Oregon State to Baylor is maddening. I don’t see anyone blaming Polk unless they’re blind Nick Holt defenders.

  2. Bobbu

    That was awful. The phrase I searched was will idiot nick holt get fired… Please god,be a yes.

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