UFC 141 GIF OF THE NIGHT: Johny Hendricks KTFO’s Jon Fitch

Rising welterweight star Johny Hendricks spared us a typical 15 minutes of ugly lay-and-pray from top contender Jon Fitch, by erasing Fitch from his senses in just 12 seconds with a stunning one-punch KO.

GIF coutesy of Zombie Prophet from Iron Forges Iron

Nasty. The stoppage was correct, as Fitch was clearly only awake after his head smashed against the canvas. Only more unanswered punches would’ve ensued if Hendricks kept fighting. This is only Fitch’s 2nd loss in the UFC (his 1st was a massacre against champ Georges St. Pierre) and it’s a huge opportunity lost for Jon to get back into the title picture with GSP injured. However, it’s a huge win for Hendricks, who vaults into the top 10 and definitely into title contention. What an upset of a guy who is so high-level (no matter how boring he is) and notoriously difficult to beat, much less finish.


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