In a Shocker, Nick Holt Has Been Fired

PICTURED: Deer in headlights.

After the most embarrassing defensive performance I’ve ever seen in tackle football, my prediction/wish of Nick Holt’s firing has come true. Today it was made official that the Washington Huskies would not retain the alleged defensive coordinator.

U-Dub’s official AD writer Gregg Bell made this comment on Twitter:

I want to thank Nick Holt, Mike Cox and Jeff Mills for their hard work and dedication throughout the last 3 years. I wish them all the best. … They have left our program in a better place.

Mike Cox and Jeff Mills are the linebacker and safeties coach respectively. In short, Steve Sarkisian fired nearly the entire defensive staff.  Fantastic move by a coach who was faced with the tough decision of getting rid of his friend and someone he has coached with since the USC era.

Holt was in over his head and a complete disaster as a playcaller. He literally spent the entire 2nd half against Baylor calling 3 and 4 man rushes and having his DBs playing so far deep in coverage that they were in Oklahoma. Shockingly, all Robert Griffin III needed to do is dump passes off on screen passes and quick outs for easy first downs. The rest was just Baylor’s running attack rushing for nearly 7.5 miles, including a play where RGIII literally was surrounded by three Huskies players, who all proceeded to play two-hand touch.

Good riddance to Holt and his assistants. If he stayed for another season it’d be a damning statement on Sarkisian as a coach and a surefire way to go 7-6 for a third straight year.  For the Huskies to improve as a football team they had to get Holt off the staff. Too many terrible games and horrendous fundamentals on a weekly basis. A replacement is something to worry about later but it’s hard to think it can get much worse than Nick’s three years at Montlake.

Rejoice, Huskies fans! Washington football has put a halt to Holt once and for all.



One thought on “In a Shocker, Nick Holt Has Been Fired

  1. dieta

    There have been only 11 games out of his 38 coached games as defensive coordinator where the Huskies held opponents to less than 400 yards on offense.


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