NFL Week 17 Picks (And the Resulting Playoff Scenarios)

240 games down, 16 left. The 2012 NFL Playoffs will be shaped up by what happens today. The NFC is almost set with 5 out of 6 playoff spots clinched with the NFC East to be decided in the final game of the season, and only seeding for #2 and #3 plus the wild card spots to be sorted out before Cowboys/Giants tonight.

The AFC is a mess. Houston has the #3 seed and the AFC North has clinched a first-round bye and the #5 seed, but we don’t have any clue who the winner is. Right now it’s the Baltimore Ravens, but if they lose to Cincy, and Pittsburgh beats Cleveland, the Steelers win the AFC North again. Of course, no one cares about an exciting set of scenarios like that because most of the country is seeing TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW against Kansas City.

Here are my picks and the ensuing playoff results:

Saints over Panthers
49ers over Rams (49ers clinch first round-bye)

Patriots over Bills (Patriots clinch AFC #1 seed)
Dolphins over Jets (Jets eliminated from postseason play)

Lions over Packers (Detroit clinches #5 seed)

Texans over Titans (Titans eliminated from postseason play)

Vikings over Bears
Eagles over Redskins
Jaguars over Colts
Seahawks over Cardinals

Chiefs over Broncos (Broncos eliminated from postseason play)
Raiders over Chargers (Raiders win AFC West)
Falcons over Buccaneers (Falcons clinch #6 seed)
Ravens over Bengals (Ravens win AFC North and #2 seed, Bengals still clinch playoff spot)
Steelers over Browns (Steelers clinch #5 seed)

Cowboys over Giants (Cowboys win NFC East and #4 seed, Giants eliminated)


Here are the playoff matchups based no my predictions:


#5 Pittsburgh Steelers @ #4 Oakland Raiders
#6 Cincinnati Bengals @ #3 Houston Texans

BYES: Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots


#5 Detroit Lions @ #4 Dallas Cowboys
#6 Atlanta Falcons @ #3 New Orleans Saints

BYES: San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers

Enjoy week 17, everyone! Hopefully this is an epic final day of the regular season.


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